Sunday, January 1, 2017


Many, many years ago I "did" Weight Watchers (WW) for the last time.

I think that was about 8 years ago, but it's hard to keep it all straight. I remember hitting what I thought was my goal weight. I swore the WW program and everything about it off forever. Then I immediately starting to slowly gain weight on my new found passion-a healthy plant based diet (which I thought was the answer to all of my weight woes).

It took me some time, and I gained back all of the 50 pounds that I had lost on my final round on Weight Watchers.

If you are new here, I'll repeat that. I gained 50 pounds on a very healthy plant based diet.

Eventually I made some big changes to my plant based diet. I began to follow the advice of Chef AJ and her Ultimate Weight Loss Program (UWL). I have her, those principles of calorie density, and that amazing community to thank for my releasing 30 of those pounds again and achieving what for me is a decently healthy weight.

I imagined that I would release the rest of those 50 pounds, the remaining 20, on UWL. But that didn't happen. I plateaued for over a year.

It wasn't the fault of UWL. I want to be clear about that. UWL works if you can work it. I just had a little trouble.

I think I missed a little salt in some of my food and certainly a little healthy fat, like nuts, seeds and avocado, in my diet. It wasn't anything really earth shattering. In addition, I had my doubts about whether or not I was really able to lose any more weight by eating rice, quinoa and potatoes ad libitum if I couldn't at the same time be "perfect" with my salt and plant based fats.

For these and many other very personal reasons, it was time for me to move on and try something new. I certainly wasn't waiving my white flag yet!

Today I want to tell you where I've been these past three months. It's finally time for me to just come out and say it.

But first a little background.

About two years ago a college professor named Susan Pierce Thomson came on to the dieting scene with a series of videos about sugar and flour addiction. She painstakingly described how eating those substances, for some people, really messes with their brain chemistry. The Food Freedom videos were actually very important to my journey. I think in a few weeks they are going to become available for viewing again. I'll make sure to post links to them here. When I watched them for the first time I took copious notes that I referred to over and over. I was really intrigued by the science in those videos.

Anyway, it was after watching Susan's videos that I developed the willpower to give Chef AJ's no sugar/no flour plan all that I had. The science was just so convincing for those of us that have struggled with our weight for our entire lives.

I specifically chose not to participate in Susan's group, Bright Line Eating, at that time. I was totally convinced that weighing and measuring my food was not something that I could ever, under any circumstances, pull off again and not go crazy. This was a narrative (a false one as you will find out) that I wrote for myself after failing miserably at keeping my Weight Watchers weight off.

Then one day I was reading a little book of quotes by Cheryl Strayed, you know, the chick who wrote Wild and Tiny Beautiful Things? The quote went something like this:

Never let a story that you have written about yourself in the past keep you from your joy in the future.


There is was.

My story, my narrative, that had been running though my mind for EIGHT years about how I just could never ever ever ever use a food scale or a measuring cup again (other than to measure ingredients for a recipe) was glaring at me.

And in that moment I decided that I was going to drop my story.

So that's exactly what I did.

The next day I signed up for my first ever Bright Line Eating Boot Camp. It began on October 3, 2016.

Today, being New Year's Day 2017, and the first official day of a new cycle in all of our lives, I want to begin a new cycle here on HGK. I'd like to be honest with you about my journey. What's been hard about BLE for me and what's been truly amazing along this journey.

I'll give you a sneak peak-I LOVE WEIGHING MY FOOD. LOL

I know a lot of you have been wondering if the dietary changes that I've made have to do with plant based eating. They have not. I am as committed as ever to maintaining a whole food, plant based diet, although I am quite a bit gentler on myself if for reasons outside of my control, I have a little dairy now and again. It's the sugar and the flour that really are my poisons.

I could go on and on about my BLE experience so far in this post, but it would get very long. So for now, I'm just going to leave it at this: I am a Bright Line Eater and a Bright Lifer. I have no idea how long this will last. I just know that this is who I am today, and this blog is nothing to me if I can't fly my freak flag here and just do me, one day at a time.

I hope you understand and continue to support me on this difficult road to food freedom and recovery. Know that I am here to support you NO MATTER WHICH ROAD YOU CHOOSE. We are all one collective positive force in the world, whether we eat The Engine 2 Diet, Eat 2 Live, The McDougall Plan, "Crazy, Sexy," Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, Chef AJ and John Pierre's Ultimate Weight Loss, Bright Line Eating, etc., etc, etc.


Phew. I feel so much better now that I got that off my back.

With so much love today and hope for us all that 2017 is simply THE BEST YEAR EVER!!!!

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