Thursday, August 18, 2016

One Month Until a Day with The Esselstyns at The Knob

Being The Queen of Cliches, it's appropriate for me to let you know that there is another "Wrapping your Head, Hands and Heart around Plant-Based Eating" event with the Esselstyns using a "Top Ten Reasons You Should Attend" list.

This intimate event is coming up in exactly one month (Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 9 am - 5:30 pm in Northeast Ohio).

So without furthur ado (see, I told you I'm The Queen!), here are

The Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Attend "Wrapping your Head, Hands and Heart around Plant-Based Eating"

(10) We will finally get to meet! Yipee!

(9) The food is ah-maze-ing!

(8) You will hear my profound words of wisdom in a gripping lecture that I call "Taking the Stress out of Plant Based Living."

(7) You will ask your medical questions firsthand to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn.

(6) You will share your plant based journey story and wisdom with a group of fellow plant based diet journeymen (and women).

(5) You will leave with new friends, new tribe members and a whole lot of information and inspiration to stay the plant-based course.

(4) You will have so many new recipes to add to your regular repertoire because you will know exactly how to make them and just how freakin' yummy they really are. That kind of thing is very hard to tell from the pages of a cookbook, no matter what your level of cooking expertise. It's priceless information that can only be gleaned from live cooking demonstrations (of which you are a part of!) and tastings of all of the recipes.

(3) The Knob.

What the heck is "The Knob" you ask?

Well I'm going to tell you. It's the location for the event.

The Knob is a shaded, quiet, private, magical place in the woods at the top of a big hill (by Ohio standards), overlooking lush green forests. The minute you enter the property you know that you are some place very special. Like, God-just-might-call-this-his-primary-residence special.

This property has been passed on from generation to generation in Ann Crile Esselstyn's family and I would NEVER miss an opportunity to spend time there. It is officially one of my happy places.

(2) Have I mentioned the food? Did I mention how much of it there is?

(1) It's just pure fun, just like The Esselstyns. You'll laugh. You might even cry. You'll probably never get another opportunity to hang out for 8 hours with the First Family of Plant Based Nutrition, so what are you waiting for? Registration is limited to 25 damn lucky participants and here is the link to register!

I'm not sure if this photograph does the Esslstyn family salad bowl justice, but let's just say that this was the Hugh Jass salad to end all Hugh Jass salads!!!!! That's a VERY large cooler that it is sitting on top of.

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