Thursday, June 2, 2016

HGK's Taking The Stress Out of Plant Based Living Podcast, Episode 2: Howard Jacobson, PhD.

In this episode of my "podcast," I interview longtime hero of mine, Howard Jacobson. If you are not already familiar with Howard, he is the co-author of both Proteinaholic and Whole, but he is probably most famous for his kick-ass plant based podcast entitled the Plant Yourself Podcast. Howard has been plant based since 2004, so he has a lot of wisdom to share on the subject of Taking the Stress Out of Plant Based Living.

I think that you will find our discussion relevant to your plant based journey and even some food addiction questions you may have. Or at least that's my goal!

You can also listen here.

I would love your feedback on my new podcasting adventure! I am thrilled that so many of you are listening each day. I get a report each night from the conference call provider and I am stunned at how many people are listening in. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

When I tell you that this scares the crap out of me but I'm doing it anyway, I am not making this up. I finally understand (through some pretty hard knocks) that everyone experiences fear. It's totally normal. But the folks who are successful just do what they want to do anyway, even though they are totally afraid. So that's how I'm operating these days--just doing what I want to do and having an awareness that I'm scared silly. It's quite new for me and I'll see where it takes me.


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