Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Please Join Me for a Magical Day: Wrapping Your Head, Heart, and HandsAround Plant-Based Eating!

Many, many years ago I had the honor of attending a book release party for the book My Beef With Meat (now retitled Plant-Strong) by Rip Esselstyn. It was an Engine 2 pot luck event at the Esselstyn's house in the woods near Cleveland, OH.

There are three things that remain in my memory about the event to this day :
  1. The incredible warmth, positive vibrations and excitement of all of the people who were there.
  2. The peaceful and stunning beauty of this little house in the woods, the land surrounding it and the views.
  3. The ridiculous amount of mouth watering plant-strong food I tried that day.
So when I tell you about this opportunity, I hope you take me really seriously.

It's a gift of self-care that you can give to yourself.

The Esselstyns are opening up their little slice of heaven for eight hours on Saturday, June 25th. Only 25 lucky participants will be able to join them.

It's a cross between summer camp for adults and a fairy tale.

And I'm going to be there too. I wanted to talk to you guys about something that's becoming very real for me right now: taking the stress out of a whole food plant based diet.

Because something that's healthy shouldn't be causing you so much stress. That's counteractive!

And I know how to make a plant-based life fun and easy.

Here's more about the event in Jane and Brian's words:

Hello HGK!
After receiving such helpful and constructive feedback from all of you who attended Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease for Women, we are proud to announce a follow-up opportunity: Wrapping Your Head, Heart, and Hands Around Plant-Based Eating! on June 25th, 2016.

You suggested we provide more opportunities to deeply explore all aspects of the transition, especially addressing common hurdles, challenges, and best practice strategies. So, we took your advice!

We cannot wait to host you at our one-day seminar near Chardon, Ohio at our family's cottage, which looks out on Lake Erie. This will be an experience that is sure to provide you all of the tools you will need to launch and/or sustain a successful plant-based lifestyle.

This experience is designed for those individuals who seek a more intimate setting in which to hear the message, collaborate with others on transitional solutions, and learn "how to" from the experts.

Our day together will include information, demonstrations, extensive discussion, hands-on lunch prep, Q&A, optional light yoga or nature walk, and culminate with dinner and discussion with Dr. C.B. Esselstyn, Jr. and Ann Esselstyn over the beautiful, plant-based meal we prepare together!

Sign up right away for our June 25th event, as we are limiting the number to 25 participants! Feel free to contact us via email if you have any questions.

Please join us, Jane Esselstyn & Brian Hart, Dr. C.B.Esselstyn Jr. & Ann Esselstyn.

In good health,

Jane and Brian

Here's the link to sign up. Please let me know if you will be joining us (in the comments or by e-mailing me at

But even if you sadly won't be able to attend this plant-strong love fest, I'd really like to ask for your input. It would help me tremendously.

What are your biggest stresses related to adopting a whole foods, plant based diet? I'd like to make sure I haven't missed anything when I share my ideas that day. TIA!


P.s. If you can't join me at the Esselstyn's for a day in June, consider joining my virtual book club!

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