Monday, May 16, 2016

My Response to a Sugar Addict, Part I-Why Vegetables are Not the Cause of Your Sugar Addiction

If you missed my last post, you definitely want to go there first and read all about our friend's encounter with the carnivorous doc.

After I received the e-mail detailing out the story, I asked the reader if I could talk to her on the phone. There was just too much that I wanted to say on this subject, plus I wanted to ask her more questions, so an e-mail response from me just wouldn't do it.

We got on the phone for a good long while and wouldn't you know it, I found out that there was more to the story! Plus we talked about so many great subjects that I have been wanting to share with you that I have decided to break my response into 5 digestible blog postings. I hope you enjoy!

My mind immediately went to the FIRST question anyone should ask someone who suffers from uncontrollable sugar cravings and addiction--are you currently consuming any sugar, flour or alcohol?

Could it be that sugar consumption is the cause of your sugar addiction and not vegetables like the "good doctor" said?

Is that the most likely cause?

And wouldn't you know it? Our lovely reader is eating candy (I believe she said chocolate) every day (I'm not sure she mentioned that to the doctor or in her original e-mail to me)! In fact, she recognizes that it's a really big problem in her office environment. There's lots of shared drugs, I mean candy and pastries, and drug pushers, I mean well-meaning office mates.

So dear doctor, do you think that the kale and Brussels sprouts are the most likely cause of our reader's constant craving for sugar, or is it her sugar habit that is creating her cravings?

Now here's where I can pretty much speak from only my personal experience, because I am not a trained expert. But I've read a lot of books on the subject (written by bone fide experts), watched a lot of videos (filmed with other bona fide experts) and I've been around the recovery community for a while now and this is what I know FOR SURE: when a person totally eliminates all sugars (except from whole, natural fruit), all flours and alcohol, the dopamine system in their brain rights itself (aka heals) over time.

I know this like I know that my mother's name is Elaine:


The trick to ridding yourself of this life sucking affliction (and doesn't this totally suck . . . plenty of people are not affected by sugar in the same way that we are--so here's a tissue for your tears) is that you have to pretty much be close to perfect about keeping those things out of your mouth, at least for a good long while.

And then the magic happens.

Suddenly, no more sugar cravings.

Those foods that sit on the counter at the office that used to torture you? Suddenly they don't even look like actual food that you would want to consume anymore.

It's just that the getting to this place is kind of tricky for a lot of folks, because there are a lot of boundaries that you need to put in place for a long time in order to get some distance between you and the drugs.

That's where programs like UWL come into play. That's how I learned the ropes. And for a lot of people, recovery is a real battle.

So when I tell you that there are lots of people who are adding TONS of vegetables into their diet, PLUS eliminating all sugar, flour and alcohol, and they are not suffering from sugar cravings--doesn't it make sense that it's not the vegetables causing the sugar cravings?

I needed to find out if my gut is right on this, so I did a trusty Google search.

Turns out the world agrees with me.

That's HGK one, doctor zero.

Still don't believe me? Here's a great book on the subject:

I also think there is good reason the rethink the smoothie for breakfast habit and opt for some food that you can chew that's not dessert disguised as breakfast as many oatmeals tend to be. Check out this great article summarizing the current thinking on smoothies. I HIGHLY recommend giving Vegetables for Breakfast the ole college try! Like Chef AJ says, it's best to "start your day in a savory way" and not set off those cravings for sweet tastes first thing in the morning.

What do you think? Are the vegetables the cause of our friends sugar cravings?
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