Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I've Got A Confession to Make

I've been holding back on you.

Big time.


But it's time for me to come out.

To come clean.

To share my story on this blog--with my hands and my heart.

And to reconnect with you and your journey in a way that I have been fighting with for a long time now.

You see, at some point in my blogging history and my journey to wellness, I stopped knowing what was appropriate to share here on Healthy Girl's Kitchen and what was better left unsaid. And before long, the stuff that I was leaving unsaid became just about everything.

I didn't know if you would be interested in what I had to say if I wasn't creating new recipes all of the time. That's a story in and of itself.

I didn't know if I felt safe opening up in a way I never had before about this very personal journey.

And I lost my way.

And I lost touch with you.

I stopped giving you much content that was relevant to our shared experience--one of loving healthy food and recipes but also seeking recovery from food obsession and food addiction and all of that. It's just complicated sometimes.

I am deeply and truly apologetic for that.

But that didn't mean that I had stopped growing. Just the opposite. I've been on an explosive personal journey to wellness and to wholeness.

And I'm ready to open up again.

To share myself fully with you.

I know I have to work hard to gain your trust again. I hope you'll have me back.

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