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HUGE Giveway! Benji Kurtz, Remedy Food Project Toronto and The Plant Advantage

About six months ago I got a call from a friend asking if I would lend some of my recipes to an author who was writing a book about his plant based weight loss journey. The author's name was Benji Kurtz and, at the time, I hadn't heard of him. I respected the fact that he had lost over 100 pounds on a plant based diet and that he wanted to share his story. It was clear to me that we were members of the same tribe and that I was going to help out in any way that I could.

I next heard about Benji after he produced a plant based food conference in Atlanta, GA called The Food = Medicine Conference. The feedback that I received about this conference was that it was the single best plant based food conference of them all.

Well, that's a pretty big statement.

There's a lotta whole food, plant based conferences out there these days and I can only imagine that many of them are really outstanding.

Personally, I've only attended a few plant based conferences that were held in my town. I certainly hope to travel a lot more after my kids become self reliant. Right now I'm very selective about my solo travel time.

What I got out of attending the 2Forks Conference in Cleveland and the Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Conference for Women in Cleveland was profound. If you haven't attended anything like this yet, I can promise you that you will not regret it.

There is nothing more inspiring than hearing the nutritional and behavioral science from the doctors, nurses, nutritionists and professionals themselves, connecting with like minded people, having good, clean fun, meeting all of your favorite whole food plant based rock stars AND, all the while, eating amazing plant perfect vegan food (FYI, everything at Remedy Food Project is going to be sugar, oil and salt free--and there will be plenty of flour free options as well).

So what makes Benji's conference unique? I had to find out. So I got on the phone with Benji and I just asked him. What he told me about the conference made me want to get myself to Toronto this summer to attend!

The Remedy Food Project just sounds like a whole lotta fun. The conference organizers care so much about providing the attendee a once in a lifetime experience. From the choice of the city to its big event atmosphere, every last detail is meticulously planned. Even the event t-shirts are carefully chosen and designed!

How did they choose Toronto? Benji expressed that he loves Canada as a whole and specifically he loves Toronto, stating that "Toronto is New York except friendly and clean." He also mentioned that Toronto is an exceptionally veg friendly city. There is a dire need in the Northeast U.S. for an event like this, but taking on a city like NY seemed too much for Benji. Additionally, there are no real events like this in Canada to speak of.

Plus, the exchange rate right now is so favorable for Americans that it is a wonderful time for Americans to get a lot of value for our money. When you are there, I hear that if feels like the whole country is on sale.

The Remedy Food Project Toronto is taking place from June 17-19, 2016. The weather in this region is outstanding during this time of the year. Take it from me, a Clevelander, Benji picked the perfect time of year to visit. The weather around these parts is divine, so it's even a great time to take a Toronto vacation with your whole family. Benji even negotiated that the discounted hotel rate at the Sheraton Centre in Toronto is available before and after the conference if you plan on staying longer.

And have I mentioned vegan restaurants just so happen to abound in Toronto?

The all-star plant based speaker line up will be performing on Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. There is even dinner and a movie planned for Saturday night, and Benji is hoping that the movie will be a premier of a new major plant based documentary!

The cost of this conference including six plant perfect meals, not including hotel rooms, is $749.00 per person.

I scored a substantial 20% discount for all Healthy Girl's Kitchen readers--just use the coupon code HG20 when you register and the price will be only $599.00.

If you would like to attend the conference at an even lower rate, you can come to all of the lectures and forgo the six meals for a cost of $499.00. With the HG20 discount code, your price would be $399.00.

But before you jump in and register, I'm going to give one lucky HGK reader a FREE ticket to the Food Remedy Project Toronto. Whooooo hoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are just some of the presenters that are lined up for this conference:

Dr. Michale Greger
Brenda Davis, RD
Matt Frasier-The No Meat Athlete
Richard Oppenlander
Dr. Garth Davis
Dr. Robert Ostfeld
Jane Esselstyn
Doug Lisle
John Pierre
Chef AJ
Lindsay Nixon

You can see the full schedule here. I wasn't joking about this being an all star line up!

Time between each presentation is 25 minutes. There are book signings between presentations. Meal times are very leisurely and the food looks abundant.

Celebrity trainer John Pierre is giving an optional boot camp on both Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Benji's new book, The Plant Advantage is sold exclusively on Amazon in paperback or kindle versions. In it, Benji honestly and humorously tells his account of his struggle with food and his personal weight loss journey. It's one of the few whole food, plant based books or cookbooks that I have ever seen where the recipes are almost all applicable to The Ultimate Weight Loss Program (for those readers who follow Chef AJ's sugar and flour free plan). The recipes come from a wide variety of popular plant based bloggers and cookbook authors who self-selected their best recipes for inclusion in the book, so you can pretty much guarantee that anything you make from this book will be a big winner.

Benji before going whole food, plant based

Benji today (isn't he just adorable?)

So how can you win one FREE ticket to the Remedy Food Project in Toronto this summer? Simply answer the following questions:

Have you ever been to a plant based conference? If yes, what was your experience like? If not, what do you feel is holding you back?

I'll be picking one winner at random to get a complementary ticket to this outstanding event. That's a $749.00 value . , . THE BIGGEST GIVEAWAY I HAVE EVER HOSTED ON HGK.

I'll even send TWO RUNNERS UP their very own copy of The Plant Advantage, complete with recipes from moi!

You've got until Monday Evening, March 28th, at midnight EST to enter this giveaway, so get typing tribe!

Winners will be announced on Tuesday, March 29th, 2016.


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