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Q and A Session Part II on Veggies for Breakfast

Just in case you haven't heard enough talk about VFBs, I'm here today to answer more questions about the VFB habit!

There are so many questions that continue to come in about VFBs, so please excuse me if I have misplaced your particular question. Feel free to ask it again in the comments section to this blog post and I will answer it.

What are your thoughts on Edamame?

Edamame fall into the beans and legumes category and therefore are not a vegetable. They are a very high fat bean, and I eat them sometimes in salads.

With VFB is it strictly just vegetables or is a portion of breakfast the starches also? I notice in your pictures above rice in one picture, chickpeas in another. Do you usually have starch with your VFB? I have been eating primarily broccoli for breakfast and it is a good start but I don't find it to have much staying power/satiety for me and then I fall flat and eat poorly.

The concept of Veggies for Breakfast arose out of two needs:

1. Changing the taste buds of those folks that do not LOVE vegetables, as eating as many vegetables as you can is THE KEY to healthy weight loss and how else are you going to accomplish that if you don't start to at least like the taste of vegetables?


2. Getting more vegetables into your diet, even if you already enjoy the taste of vegetables.

For those of you that don't absolutely crave vegetables, it is essential that you eat your first pound of vegetables without any starch, as you are more than likely to not get your pound in while you favor the taste of and dopamine release in your brain from eating the starch. Don't worry about being hungry, because once you finish your first pound of VFBs, you are free to have starch at any time throughout the day, even one minute after finishing your VFBs.

For anyone, once you are used to eating a full pound of VFBs, and you CRAVE it every day, you can combine veggies and starch for convenience sake. For example, I take a particularly challenging yoga class each morning at around 9:30 am. If I think I am going to need more energy than 100 calories to get through the class (because that's the average number of calories in one pound of vegetables) than I will include some starch with my vegetables. But I have been doing this for a really long time, I LOVE my veggies, and there is no danger of me not getting in the full pound.

I am thinking I need more potatoes and rice or items like that for longer lasting satiety. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Like I just mentioned, we encourage you to eat starch, just wait until after that first pound of veggies that day. By all means, go ahead and eat lots of potatoes and the whole variety of interesting colored rices that are now available. At my local whole foods, I can get red, pink, black, purple, and brown rice in bulk and I love them all! As far as potatoes go, my absolute favorite is the Japanese Sweet Potato (dark purple on the outside, creamy white on the inside). I enjoy all other sweet potatoes as well as Yukon Golds and even sometimes Russets.

Would love to know more.... Like do you use fresh veggie or frozen? How do you cook them? Spices or sauces you use... How do you make your chopped salads...

Here's a blog post I did a few months ago on how I make a chopped salad.

I use both fresh and frozen vegetables. The methods that I use to prepare them are outside the scope of this blog posting, but thanks for giving me inspiration for the next few blog postings!

I HIGHLY recommend following me on Instagram if you are there and/or joining our new 1,000 member strong Facebook group called "Veggies for Breakfast (VFBs) Rock!" You will find endless daily inspiration for how to make your VFBs.

After you eat your 1 pd of veggies in the morning, what follows throughout the day?

The components of the method that I follow, The Ultimate Weight Loss Program, are based on the principles of calorie density. I eat as much as I want, whenever I want, from the following food groups: vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits, sweet potatoes and potatoes, beans and lentils, and whole, unbroken, unprocessed grains (not flours).  Very occasionally, I will include healthy plant based, but higher calorie foods, such as nuts and seeds, avocado and dried fruit, but I keep them to a minimum because those foods cause me to gain weight.

At this time, I know of no Vegan cookbook that is based on the principles of calorie density. You need to hunt and peck to find the gems out there--and they are out there! I have a collection of UWL compliant recipes and people are always sharing compliant recipes in the UWL private Facebook group. Membership in the group comes with a recipe guide to get you started, and the recipes are ah-maze-ing!

In approximately three months, The Ultimate Weight Loss Program will have it's very own paid membership website and I have BIG plans for the recipe feature that I am developing, so hold onto your loosening pants . . . UWL compliant recipes are going to be flowing!!!!!!!!!!

Does the UWL program give information about preparing the VFB? is there a list of VFB recipes that can be accessed on the group? My mouth dances for joy when I see the pics you post on Instagram but I am such a novice in the kitchen that I have no idea by looking at the picture how to make that for myself.

All that is required is simply steaming a bag of washed and cut kale that you got at the grocery store, or heating up a bag of frozen vegetables. It doesn't need to be and shouldn't be complicated. There are ways to make it more complicated, and I did a tutorial blog posting on it right here.

So as long as it is 1 lb of non starchy veggies, it doesn't matter what you add?

Well, you don't want to add salt, oil, sugar, or flour. Or any animal products. Or avocado, nuts, seeds or dried fruit. I'm not sure what you are thinking. Can you be more specific?

Do you also eat veggies for lunch.....

Yes, in UWL you want to eat vegetables with every meal. Lunch for me often looks like breakfast, but with starch, and dinner is a soup, stew, casserole or other "fancier" Vegan meal.

I would like to know how you manage cooking differently for your husband and
kids while staying on track.

My husband and oldest daughter eat all of the UWL food that I prepare. My younger children haven't figured out how wonderful this food is yet, so I make them very simple kid food. I don't spend time fussing with complicated meals for them. I just don't have the energy for it, nor do they have the interested in it.

What is the main reason for eliminating salt? I'm pretty sure i don't need to cut that out as i have low blood pressure. I think you mentioned before that you don't use oil... Why is that?

The main reason that I do not use salt is that salt is a major appetite stimulant. Just do the following experiment. Place cooked brown rice into two bowls. Sprinkle salt onto one of the bowls of rice. Stir. Taste both bowls of rice. Which bowl of rice do you want to eat more of?

It is obvious to me now that I overeat on food that has salt in it. That's what we mean when we say that salt it an appetite stimulant--you will eat more food than you even need to eat simply because salt tastes so damned good!

Since more food is exactly what I don't need in order to lose weight, I do my best to make sure that there is no salt in my food.

As far as oil goes, I eliminated oil from all of my cooking the minute I heard Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn give a lecture on how damaging processed oils are to your arteries. I highly recommend picking up his book Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease so that you can understand the science behind his recommendation.

Once I started using low sodium vegetable broth (now I use no sodium as I have learned how to make my own for free using vegetable scraps) instead of oil to begin sauteing all of my garlic and onions, I realized that I didn't need to use oil to make any of the recipes that I had been making. Oil is the most calorically dense food on the planet at 4,000 calories per pound. Compare that to vegetables at 100 calories per pound and sweet potatoes at 400 calories per pound. I'd rather eat food that is going to fill me up on way less calories.

What is your favorite breakfast? I find it easier to eat the same thing for breakfast every day.

It's hard to pick a favorite. I think if you are going to eat the same thing every day it should be leafy greens--but make sure to rotate them. Kale, collard, Swiss chard, spinach, etc.

I am interested in trying this out. How are you seasoning/ adding flavor to these veggies? Do you have a place in your recipes area that is dedicated to breakfast seasonings/ sauces? Thanks for your help!

When I first started out, I used to add seasonings to all of my VFBs. As time went on, I began to prefer the taste of unseasoned veggies, if you can believe it! But the way I started out was by stocking my kitchen with salt free seasoning blends and other salt substitutes. I even did a blog posting on it. Right now, if I do need to add some flavor, I tend to opt for the Napa Valley Naturals Grand Reserve aged balsamic vinegar. I bought a case of it and I'm going through it at quite a clip. It's the only salad dressing I have used for months!

What difference in weight loss and craving control would there be if one to two lbs. of veggies were eaten for lunch and dinner? I must eat and run in the morning so would choose to have the more substantial fuel of oatmeal in that few minutes before I'm out the door. I am not allowed to eat on the job.

Could you prepare a pound of veggies and oatmeal all as one meal? Aka savory oats. I know that this is an issue for some people who have work schedules that don't allow them to eat according to their natural hunger signals. Another option would be to talk to your employer about your health goals and ask if you could negotiate something where you could take a 15 minute break when you get hungry again in the morning. If your employer is open to this change, eat the pound of veggies as your first meal and bring the oatmeal with you. Maybe your employer would benefit from you being healthier? I have a lot of ideas about this, so if it really is an issue, please contact me privately.

Around what time do you have your first meal of the day? Thanks.

This is different each day. I eat according to hunger, but I'm also managing getting three kids out of the house every day, so many times I'm hungry but I'm not able to eat until other things get taken care of. I generally eat at least some of my first pound of veggies before 9 am. There are many folks who do VFBs who have no appetite in the morning and don't eat anything until much, much later in the day. I tend to eat all of my meals on the earlier side--lunch is early and so is dinner. It's how I've always been wired.

I'm happy to keep answering questions in the comments section, so ask away. And if you haven't joined Veggies For Breakfast (VFBs) Rocks! on Facebook, please consider doing so!

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