Monday, December 7, 2015

Something to Feel Really Good About and Plant Pure Nation Double Giveaway!

A few days ago I began a daily yoga practice (are you laughing yet?) and I can't tell you the high I have been on from moving my body and meditating and breathing deeply each day.

Then my cousin Angela alerted me to a video that was recently released describing the growth of the Vegan/Plant Based movement all over the world.

After watching the video, I was filled with so much hope that I just had to share it with you here.

So I can't tell you if it's my exercise induced high, or the excitement I'm experiencing from VEGAN 2015 - The Film, but I'm in a fabulous mood!!!!

I don't know what you are personally experiencing as far as the world waking up to the plight of farm animals and the realities of how diet is the key to health, but I just had a crazy experience that kind of rocked my world.

I mentioned in my last blog posting that I recently attended a lecture and a dessert reception. The lecture was given by an inspirational speaker that I have admired for many years. The subject was spirituality.

Now, my brand of spirituality happens to center around Judaism, because that is the religion of my birth. And it just so happens that the higher you rise on the Jewish spiritual ladder, so to speak, the far less likely you are to find anyone who is like minded about eating a healthy plant based diet.

Or at least that's been my personal experience.

After the lecture was over, my husband and I walked over to the speaker to let him know that we really enjoyed his speech and we got to talking a little bit about him and what he does at his day job. Long story short, we had a lot in common and I told him that I have been actively involved in influencing people through social media for quite some time. He asked me about it and I briefly told him about Healthy Girl's Kitchen.

And that's when he said it.


Now, this may not seem like a radical thing to you, but in my world, it is.

It was like two worlds were colliding, my spiritual world and my health/plant based/animal rights activism world.

And then I saw the VEGAN 2015 film and I thought, "Maybe things really are beginning to change?"

So on that note of hope, I bring you today's very appropriate GIVEAWAY!

It's a double giveaway because I have two sets in my possession that are just itching to get into the hands of two deserving HGK readers.

I'm giving away two Plant Pure Nation Healthy Living Kits. 

These kits include:
a DVD copy of the Plant Pure Nation documentary
a copy of the Plant Pure Nation cookbook

The Plant Pure Nation documentary answers the question so many people ask after hearing the life-changing message of plant-based nutrition: Why didn't I hear this before?

The Plant Pure Nation Cookbook, written by Kim Campbell, contains over 150 plant based recipes. It is a fantastic compilation of plant based, family style comfort foods that are sure to appeal to more than the Vegans in your life.

All you have to do is answer some questions here in the comments section:

(1) What is ONE healthy habit that you have adopted into your life in 2015? What was that habit and how did you make that habit stick?

or . . .

if you can't answer that question, here's an alternate one:

(2) What is ONE healthy habit that you would like to adopt in 2016? Do you have a plan for exactly how you are going to make that habit stick?

I'm really into the study of healthy habits right now and how to take something from a "want to do" into a "of course I do that every day" and this study is quickly becoming a personal passion of mine. When the contest is over, I'll write a blog posting on my thoughts on how to take a healthy habit from fantasy to reality.

Contest closes on Friday, December 11th at 5 pm EST. I'll hand select two winners and announce them here on HGK shortly after that in a blog posting, so be sure to check back in at HGK on Monday, December 14th at the latest to find out if you have won!

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