Thursday, December 3, 2015

Can't Meet Up in Cleveland in March? How About Baltimore in January?

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I don't want to brag, but can you see how happy I am? That's a picture of me and my good friend Allyson that was taken about a week ago. (I just have to say that I freakin' love my friend Allyson, she is such a gorgeous soul!)

I'm at a really good place in my life and I'd love to share with you an experience that I had last night that demonstrates the profound changed that have occurred in my health, both physical and mental, over the past year or so.

My husband and I attended an incredible lecture at a large catering hall, After the lecture there was an elaborate dessert reception that a ton of my friends were attending (ie, I didn't want to miss it for anything).

But sugar is my kryptonite. Over the past 45 years of my life, I have alternated between being in the throes of it's grip and occasionally kind of white knuckling my way through not eating sugary foods. My sugar addiction sucked the life out of me. I couldn't understand why I could be successful in so many other areas in my life and at the same time suck so badly at controlling my weight and sugar fixation. I hated that I had no control over a substance that I knew was not healthy for me. I had tried everything that I could find that offered the hope of recovery, but recovery was elusive.

That's why last night was so epic! Last night I easily enjoyed some water, decaffeinated tea and fresh fruit while not being tempted AT ALL by the mountain of sugary desserts. I was calm and happy. I barely noticed the garbage, while in the past I would have been obsessing about whether or not I should eat it and how much could I eat of it without looking like a glutton.

The thoughts that would run through my head were INSANE.

And the nonsense wouldn't end when the event ended. If I somehow managed to get through the event without pigging out, I would get home and be so depleted of willpower that I would look for anything with sugar in it that was within reach to fill up the empty space that had been created by the experience. I would eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or two just to make myself feel okay again, but only if I couldn't get my hands on the good stuff.

It was craziness.
So I am full of gratitude right now to share with you that my experience last night could not have been further from those ugly episodes of my past. I simply went to the event, enjoyed myself tremendously, ate what fueled my body and mind, and came home and went to bed in peace.

If you know what the heck I am talking about here, you might want to consider attending Chef AJ's one day Ultimate Weight Loss seminar this January.

And if you are one of the lucky folks who happens to live in or near Baltimore, Maryland, it's going to be really easy for you to do that!

Why? Because Chef AJ will be travelling to Baltimore this January and doing a one day live Ultimate Weight Loss seminar. Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!

If you have been following my journey here on Healthy Girl's Kitchen, you already know that I am a RAVING FAN of The Ultimate Weight Loss Program that was developed by Chef AJ and John Pierre. It is so much more than a simple program of eat this and don't eat that. It is a complete lifestyle 360 program and I know that my health would be mess had I not had the opportunity to meet and work with Chef AJ.

It is THE reason why I have sanity around food today.

That's why I am encouraging those of you who are in the Baltimore area, and those of you who can fly in, to attend this live seminar.

Here are all of the details:

with CHEF AJ

Chef AJ struggled with obesity, food addiction and emotional eating for over 50 years. Then she learned the science behind Ultimate Weight Loss.  She lost over 60 pounds and is now able teach you what she knows.

Sunday, January 10th, 2016
2:00 pm -5:00 pm
5000 Signal Bell Lane, Clarksville MD 21029


Chef AJ will teach you how you, too, can finally lose those extra pounds without going hungry. You will learn the science of Ultimate Weight Loss.


By understanding the hidden forces that undermine your success, Chef AJ will teach you the tools you need to thrive on a plant-based diet. You will learn solutions to challenges such as dealing with family, social pressure, food cravings, lack of support, and more.


It’s one thing to eat healthy food at home. But what about when you’re out with friends, at work or traveling? From the office candy dish to buttered popcorn at the movie theater, there is temptation pretty much everywhere you go. Chef AJ has been on the road for almost 5 years and has mastered these situations and will give you time-tested tips and tricks so that you can eat healthfully anywhere!


Chef AJ – is the host of television’s “Healthy Living with Chef AJ” and the author of Unprocessed and has followed a Plant Based diet for almost 40 years and has helped hundreds of people lose weight, reverse disease and feel great.

INVESTMENT IN YOUR HEALTH: $75 but only $49.00 if paid by 12-31-15

There are only 40 seats still available so don’t delay! I heard that this seminar is almost sold out, so you know what you've gotta do if you are interested.

For tickets: visit and go to "store."

Baltimore is close enough to Cleveland so I'm looking into getting flights right now. Let me know if you sign up. I'd love to meet you in Baltimore!

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