Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Can You Join Me in Cleveland This March? The Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease One Day Conference

You have no idea how excited I get about these things.

I'm like a kid thinking about going to a candy store, all giddy with anticipation.

You see, I crave connection, specifically connection with like minded people.

But this kind of connection is unfortunately so rare for me, and I'm guessing it is for you too. The strange thing about choosing to be whole food plant based is that almost no one else that you come into contact with on any regular basis shares your eating habits.

That's why I'm thrilled to invite you to my hometown of Cleveland, OH to participate in a one day conference being organized by Jane Esselstyn.

The seminar includes a delicious plant-based lunch with a menu designed by Jane Esselstyn and the culinary team from Cleveland Vegan. There will be door prizes, raffles, goodies bags, dancing, take home tips and tricks, and opportunities for one-on-one with the presenters.

Anyone is welcome to attend this conference — female or male— as all will benefit from this timely information about a plant-based approach to empower women, their families and their communities to become healthier and more vibrant.

Here are the details:

Health Care is Self Care Conference
Saturday, March 12
8 am - 5 pm
Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute
1950 Richmond Road
Lyndhurst, OH 44124

sign up here!

And please let me know if you sign up by leaving a comment here on my blog. If I havent' met you yet, I would love to meet you on March 12th! And if we have already met, I can't wait to share our passion again in person.

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