Wednesday, September 2, 2015

GIVEAWAY! The Back to Basics Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge Giveaway starts NOW

Hey Lovelies!

Yesterday's blog posting was loooong, so I'm not going to take up too much of your time today.

 I'm just here to tell you that in a few days, we're going to be starting sign-ups for the next official Ultimate Weight Loss Program 21 Day Challenge.

I'm calling it the "The Back to Basics Challenge."

It starts on September 20th and it's our last official group challenge of 2015.

It's for anyone who has never done the program before, and for those of us in the group that are still struggling to fully embrace a whole food plant based, SOS free diet.

But before the sign-ups begin, I love to get everyone thinking about why we all care about this stuff so much.

So I'm asking you to connect with me and leave a comment. Here's what I'm wondering about right now:

What's YOUR reason for wanting to lose weight and/or stabilize your brain?

Because not everyone with sugar/flour addiction is overweight!

You know, that thing that is driving you crazy and is making you think that you have to get a grip on your eating once and for all.

Maybe you have a 25 year high school reunion coming up.

Or maybe your doctor told you that you would need to go on diabetes medication if you didn't lose weight.

Maybe none of your clothes fit anymore and you are simply ashamed of yourself.

Or maybe you don't understand why you just can't say no to the chocolate candy (or cookie or cake or bread or whatever makes you insane) no matter how much you understand that that shizz is poison for you.

We've all got it.

It's that one thing that if we just fixate on it and remind ourselves of it over and over and over, we just might be inspired enough to make the permanent changes that we know are necessary for our health and well being.

So what's your ONE BIG REASON that you need to get a grip?

Leave your answer in the comments section.

I'll pick one winner to receive the online version of The Ultimate Weight Loss Program. That's 6 hours of video content and 8 previously recorded private coaching calls all explaining the program, plus a kick-ass whole food plant based, SOS free 21 day recipe guide.

You'll get free admission into our top secret private Facebook group with all of the group support that you need to lose weight, stabilize your brain and kick this food addiction forever. Plus all of our additional recipes and meal ideas that make it so easy, you'll never regret giving up that SAD diet that made you sick in the first place.

There will be 3 new, live private coaching calls, just for the Back To Basics participants. If you can't listen live, don't worry, you'll receive a link to listen to the calls shortly after they are recorded.

And if you are already a member of UWL, of course, we'll make the 3 new coaching calls available for you as well.

Come on, you know you are ready for this!

(Got more questions? Please e-mail me at healthygirlskitchen@gmail,com.)

So, what's your reason?


P.s. Giveaway closes Sunday evening at 6 pm EST. I'll be announcing the winner on Monday morning right here. Official sign-ups for the Back to Basics Challenge will start on Monday!
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