Wednesday, September 9, 2015

David, David, Where Are You Dear David?

I'm shocked.

Totally surprised.

I hosted a giveaway, saw the outpouring of emotion in everyone's responses to my question, picked a winner of The Ultimate Weight Loss Program, announced it on HGK on Sunday evening and asked the winner to contact me at

And then a crazy thing happened.


No contact from DAVID who said, "I need to pave the way into the Healthy BOYS Kitchen. I know deep down that carrying 100 extra pounds is a health risk. But my harsh reality is that being a morbidly obese male can lop as many as 20 years off my life. Having just passed age 51, there's no better time than right now and I'm hoping I can continue 36 days of doing Eat To Live SOS-free becomes years and years with what I can learn and contribute with Chef AJ's plan. Instant Pot and Vitamix are in hand…let's do this!"

David, David, where are you dear David?

If you don't write me soon, I'm afraid I'll have to pick another winner (that's good for the rest of the entrants, so hold on to your seats and keep checking in).

I've hosted many blog giveaways in the past and a fair amount of the time, the winner never claims their prize. I'd say it's always a good idea to subscribe to any blog where you enter a contest. You can always unsubscribe at a later date if the content is no longer interesting to you, right?

But that's not the most shocking thing. Not at all.

The most shocking this of all is that the other 167 entrants to the contest have not all jumped at the chance to sign-up for The Ultimate Weight Loss Program.

Of course, many of you did.

But not 167 of you.

Was it my imagination or were there 168 people who were ready to finally make the changes that they needed to make to regain their health and their sanity?

End the years of struggling.

End the self loathing.

The migraine headaches.

The diabetes medications.

End all of the painful consequences of being overweight that you all so eloquently described for me in your entries into the contest.

The good news is that it's not too late.

Chef AJ spent years figuring out how to lose weight on a whole food, plant based diet. She struggled. I did too. But now we know what works and you don't have to struggle anymore.

But you do have to join us.

You do have to put yourself first.

Your health first.

Your needs first.

You can't dance around this anymore.

I know that it's so hard to do. I spent a VERY long time putting other people's needs ahead of my own. It's tough not to do that when you are a people pleaser. I'm going to guess that all 168 of you that entered into the contest have a habit of putting your needs behind the needs of those that you care for.

And where does that leave you?

Overweight and sick.

Stuck in a rut.

We can get you out of that rut. But you have to choose to join us. There is no other way to do it than to take that first step.

Sign-ups are happening right now. Please click here for the $149.00 electronic program or here for the $179.00 hard copy DVD program.

I've spent a lot of time in the last few days answering your questions about the program over the phone. I try to arrange a time to talk on the phone with anyone who contacts me at with questions about UWL. It's just easier that way. I can answer all of your personal questions all at once.

But feel free to leave questions about UWL as comments to this blog post as well. It might be nice for everyone to see the answers.

I hope that you will join us in UWL. I hope that this time, you will choose you.

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