Sunday, May 31, 2015

UWL Winner Announced and Program Date Change

And the UWL winner is . . .


Thank you so much to everyone who entered the contest. I'm sorry that we couldn't give the program to everyone who entered. I hope that you will reconsider your decision not to purchase the program or participate. Your health is worth more than anything. You need to put yourself first and make yourself your number one priority if you want to end this viscous cycle of obesity.

Here's how Beth answered the contest questions:

"Do you think that food, overeating and/or eating unhealthy foods is an issue in your life? - - Yes, definitely. I was raised to eat lots of meat and cheese and mayonnaise and have never really lost the taste for it. Even though I have eaten plant based off and on for several years now, any time I have something stressful happen or am not feeling well, my first thought is to go for the unhealthy foods to "comfort" me. Some days even though I know I have eaten enough calories for the day, I just keep going and going way past the point of fullness and then I'm upset with myself afterwards.

I successfully lost 40 pounds on McDougall's regular plan several years ago, and was so happy with my progress. Around a year ago I found out I was going to be laid off from my job of 18 years, and somehow that opened the floodgates of overeating on unhealthy foods. I would have a strict plant based day, followed by a week of treat meals, and over the past year and a half I have gained back around 30 pounds. It is so discouraging. I know what to do, but it is hard to do it alone.

It is not just a matter of weight and appearance, it is a matter of feeling well. Right now I am so tired all the time, I can barely function, and suffer from frequent headaches. I know if I could get help to stay motivated it would be so much better for my health and energy levels, and I know I would be happier.

What do you think is holding you back from trying something new or different that appears to be relieving food addiction and changing the lives of so many others?

I don't think anything is holding me back. I really want to try something new to help me get into a different mindset. As I mentioned , I am unemployed and at this time I am not able to see my way to pay for the entire program, though once I find work, it is definitely something I am interested in. Even if not picked for this giveaway, I am going to attempt to try to do the program on my own, but I think being able to hear all the lectures and have the support of the facebook group would be a major help to keep me on track. I have always enjoyed Chef AJ's cooking videos and I'm sure she would be a great motivator. She has such a upbeat personality and is a "real" person you can identify with. I have gone back and read quite a few of your blogs, Wendy, and have gotten a lot of benefit from them. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and results. I also listened to a couple of podcasts you hosted with Chef AJ and enjoyed hearing your personal anecdotes. So I look forward to the results I will have as I go forward with help and support from others who have the same goals."

Congratulations Beth! I look forward to getting to know you a lot better in the UWL private Facebook group.

On another note, I guess Chef AJ was very excited on her bonus call this past Wednesday evening because she announced that the 21 day challenge was becoming a 30 day challenge and it's starting TOMORROW (instead of June 8th as I had originally announced). I'm just going to roll with, so I'll see everyone who signed up for the program on Facebook starting tomorrow morning! 

Don't worry if you are not ready or prepared to start tomorrow. You can jump in at anytime and if you feel that you need to wait until June 8th to begin, just do what you need to do!

Beth--please e-mail me at to claim your UWL program.

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