Monday, May 18, 2015

Missed the first Ultimate Weight Loss/HGK Challenge? Or Were You In andNow Ready for the Next Steps? Here's What's Coming Up.

Greetings everyone!

By now you guys know that I am a raving fan of Chef AJ and John Pierre's Ultimate Weight Loss. I'm finally finding my permanent groove with a plant based diet. But ever since the ending of the 21 Day UWL Challenge that AJ and JP so graciously allowed me to "host," I find that my resolve has been a little bit weaker than I strive for.

So, I started really thinking about that. Why am I so enthusiastic to follow a plan to a "T" for a certain period of time, only to find myself beginning to make some of the allowances after that time is over that will prevent me from ultimately being able to reach my goal weight?

Granted, these little allowances are so much different than they have been in the past. Right now, too much guacamole has me wondering what the heck I am doing, where in the past, it would have been like, "Why am I eating this birthday cake when I know that I really don't want to?" 

I know for sure that I owe all of my progress to UWL . . .

which is why, when the 21 day challenge was coming to an end, I just about begged Chef AJ and her husband Charles (the man behind the woman, if you know what I mean) to let me host a 90 day UWL challenge ASAP. But they didn't bite. I know that I am just being selfish here, but I really do get fired up when I am part of a group challenge, and even more enthusiastic when I myself am part of leading that charge!

So, the reality is that I'm doing this as much for myself as for anyone else.

What is "this," you ask? 

Well, I'm hosting another 21 day UWL challenge! Yea!

It's officially starting on June 8, 2015. There will be lots of people who have already done one or more UWL challenges, so you won't be alone with me if you decide to jump in. It's for all of you who wanted to sign up the first time around, but couldn't for whatever reason. And from the number of e-mails I've gotten asking when the next challenge is beginning, there are quite a few of you.

Here's how you sign up if you have never done UWL before. You can purchase the entire program and receive the video content online for $149. By doing that, you can get added to the UWL private Facebook group (instructions for that will come in an e-mail after you have purchased the program). You will receive 6 hours of video content and 8 coaching calls (over 10 hours of audio content). A 21 day recipe guide will be provided for you and I can tell you that everyone is loving the recipes. Just click here if you would like to purchase the UWL program and change your life.*


If you'd like all of that, but want hard copies of the videos to pop into your DVD player, you can pay a little bit more ($30.00) and videos will be sent to you. Click here for the DVD version of the program.*


What do you do if you have already purchased the program and done at least one of the 21 day challenges?
If you've already purchased UWL and done one of the initial challenges, whether it was live in Los Angeles or virtual through Facebook, we (AJ, JP and me) are teaming up once more to provide 4 NEW coaching calls. You'll be participating in the same 21 day UWL challenge as our newbies, beginning on June 8th. The first of the coaching calls will take place live on June 7th at 6 pm EST, and a link to the recording will be e-mailed to you the following day. If you'd like to participate in the challenge and hear these new coaching calls, you can sign up for that here. The other coaching calls will take place live on June 14th, 21st and 28th.

If you are the super ambitious type and you've never done UWL before, of course you could at this time purchase the full program, participate in the next 21 day challenge, AND sign up to listen to the 4 new coaching calls, but you will have to purchase those two things separately.

So there it is folks! That's what's in store in the upcoming days in the world of Ultimate Weight Loss. If you've done the program, I'd love to hear what your experience has been. I'm especially interested in how people are keeping their motivation levels high after the challenge is over. It sure is a lot easier for me to avoid ALL of the foods that were a problem for me in the past (sugars and flours), but I need daily connection with other UWL folks to prevent me from finding new unhealthy roads to go down like Avocado Lane and Nut Parkway!

Just can get enough of those UWL success stories? Here's one more for you!
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