Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Winner Announced. Please Join Me in Our Ultimate Weight Loss (and Happiness Gain) Journey!

From the response to my last blog posting and giveaway, it seems like many of you are ready to take the next steps to overcome your food addiction and lose your extra weight for good. I hope that you will chose to join me on this journey. Who wants to battle the bulge for the rest of their life? I certainly don't! And the last thing I want to do is spend the rest of my days fighting with myself to not eat unhealthy food. Thank the universe there is another way.

The next Chef AJ and John Pierre's Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge is beginning on Monday April 13, 2015. The first live group coaching call is going to take place on Sunday April 12th at 6 pm EST (3 pm PST). All group coaching calls are recorded and a link is sent out to everyone who missed the call or those who would want to listen a second or even third time. The calls are that good and I like to listen to the recorded coaching calls when I'm cooking.

One lucky winner is joining us for free! You guys really poured your hearts and souls out in answering my questions. It was so hard to pick just one winner, because so many of your stories pulled on my heart strings. But I needed to chose just one winner, and that person is . . .


Here's what Cyd wrote:

Dear Wendy,

Thank you for the generous offer you are making! I will never tire of you shouting from your bloggin’ rooftop! While I have just recently discovered your blog, you have taught me SO much. Not only have you opened my life to Chef AJ and her work, but you, Wendy, are the real deal. You share what happens when the rubber meets the road. We can all hear about your progress and learn when it’s tough and when it’s easy. It makes a tremendous difference to me to hear this from a ‘regul

ar person’ as you engage in this eating lifestyle. It helps me anticipate how I may feel when doing the same. (And a huge thanks to Chef AJ for all her freely shared info. She is the BOMB!)

I am new-ish to the ideas of Dr. McDougall and Chef AJ, but they had me at potatoes! Watching ‘Forks Over Knives’ a couple of years ago was what first turned my attention to the benefits of veganism. I was a vegetarian for ten years (late 1970s-80s) and am a believer of Frances Moore Lappe’s philosophy of vegetarianism as the environmentally and socially responsible way of eating (“Diet for a Small Planet”). I went astray for many years as a result of marrying a carnivore. After that little situation got resolved (ahem), I returned to vegetarianism. FOK and subsequent reading has convinced me that cutting out all animal products is vital for health, but it can be tough to do!

I have had a very difficult time giving up cheese, sugar, salt & oil. At first, I didn’t think I was a sugar addict, but when I stopped drinking a couple of glasses of wine in the evening (long time ago), I started really craving sugar. Bingo! It made me examine my relationship with sugar. As it turns out, we have had a long & sordid affair! I have kicked much refined sugar out, but if I slip up (hello, bread or pasta or a good fruit pie!) I have to start all over. I never saw myself as a food addict until I questioned why I think I just ‘have’ to have cheese sometimes (or bread or pasta). I like to feel FULL. Cheese still speaks to (yells at) me, but I try not to answer. I totally believe what we crave is what is bad for us!

My first attempt at veganism was about a year ago through an online “30 Day Vegan Cleanse” during which we also ditched caffeine, gluten and sugar. The meals were tasty and filling and full of nuts, avocados, vegan mayonnaise, Earth Balance spread and olive oil. I did feel better, but gained unwanted weight. While it gave me the confidence to “go vegan”, I have been floundering in the weight arena ever since.

I am 57 years old, 5’9” and 225 pounds. I am in good health despite my obesity, but I know there are bad things going on in my precious body because I am so heavy. My ideal weight is 130-160, according to BMI index charts. I have been experimenting with vegan recipes and the scale won’t budge. I need to feel satiated. I like to chew. I like to eat. But eating lots of nuts is just nuts! How do you make the food satisfying if you don’t have oil in the recipes? I was at a loss about dressings & sauces that were oil-free AND flavorful. Finding your blog & Chef AJ’s info has been pivotal in letting me know I am not alone and there is a delicious solution! Wendy, the first blog post of yours that I read was about eating vegetables for breakfast – and that was just a week or two ago. I have tried it now 5 times and, WOW! It works! OMG! I can’t believe that I am full and don’t feel hungry again for hours. VFB (Veg For Breakfast) has allowed me to make good food decisions during the day because I am not wildly famished. Who knew?

I am ALL IN! I want to be your next success story! I have tried VFB. They taste great & make life easier! I have tried some of your & Chef AJ’s recipes; they are delicious and filling. I am VERY excited about SOS-free eating but don’t want to keep stumbling along like I have with the fat-infused veganism. What I need now is structure, guidance and a community of like-minded people to buoy me along and to whom I can return the enthusiasm. I hate a camera on me, but I’d even (shudder) take a “before” photo of my currently flabby self for you because I am utterly convinced that this will work – permanently. And I would just love to send you progress shots, too!

What prevents me from signing up for UWL? Money. I am single, have only been able to find part time work & my financial situation is bleak. It seems few companies want to hire an overweight middle-aged woman who stayed home to raise her kids then found herself divorced. My job pays $10.50/hr. & that doesn’t go far in Chicago! The good thing is that I work for a major grocery retailer, have an employee discount & access to high-quality organic produce. Part-time status gives me plenty of time to explore and experiment with SOS-free cooking, and reduces the stress of feeling time-crunched. That’s a good thing!

I have never won anything in my life, so why not start here, with something that really matters – my health!
Cyd, please contact me asap at healthygirlskitchen@gmail.com

For all of you who didn't win, I sincerely hope that you will jump on this opportunity and join us in taking back your health, happiness and life. Here's a little more about the program, in Chef AJ's words:

With this program, you can choose to receive a set of DVDs and CDs (total cost of the program is $179.00) or, simply receive a link to watch the classes from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smart phone ($149.00).

Here's all that you get:

(1) The 21-day Ultimate Weight Loss recipe guide

(2) Four hours of class (video) explaining the entire program with Chef AJ and JP

(3) 4 NEW private coaching calls (Sundays at 2 pm EST?)

(4) a link to the 4 original coaching calls (audio), and boy, were they amazing!

(5) Life changing membership in the private Facebook group. Daily question answering and support from AJ, JP and myself in the FB group This just might be the key to the whole program! Connecting with like minded people as much as you need to in order to change your habits once and for all. Ask all the questions you have as often as you need to. Share your struggles and your triumphs. It's essential!

(6) A "Left of the Red Line" refrigerator magnet and bracelet

All of this is worth well over $600. I have seen similar support programs (with different food plans) retail for $500 recently. Personally, I think that AJ and JP are giving this program away almost for free at these prices. When I think about the work that went into creating all of this content and what they are earning in return for their dedication to this cause, I seriously shudder.

Please click below to sign up for the Ultimate Weight Loss Program and 21 Day Challenge beginning on April 13th.

The deadline for signing up is Tuesday March 31st at midnight PST. There needs to be enough time in advance of the program to get all of the materials mailed out to the participants. It's also a great idea to watch and listen to a good amount of the materials before the 21 day challenge begins on April 13th.

Ultimate Weight Loss - ONLINE VERSION ($149)

Ultimate Weight Loss - DVD/CD VERSION ($179)

If you've already participated in UWL, but would love to continue this journey with us and get in on the four new private coaching calls, you can sign up for that here:
Ultimate Weight Loss - 4 Phone Calls Only ($49)

I'd love to hear how the program has been helping those that participated in the last challenge. Please share your experiences in the comments section here on the blog!
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