Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Last Chance to Sign Up for Ultimate Weight Loss

At this point in the evolution of this blog, Healthy Girl's Kitchen, you might be asking yourself, "Why all this fuss over a plant based eating program? We all know exactly what to eat to lose weight, feel great, and reverse our diseases! That's not our problem.Our problem is that although we know exactly what to do, we don't always do it."

This fuss may seem really silly to many of you, but it's so not silly to me. Because even though I knew the rules (and yes, the rules vary slightly from doctor to doctor or author to author), it wasn't until I decided that enough was enough that I started to see success. I was going to find out exactly what Chef AJ had done to lose weight and come hell or high water I was going to do exactly what she had done. 

There's really no big mystery to the plan. 
Don't eat anything that came from an animal.

Start your day with vegetables.

No sugar (of any kind, including flours), oil or salt.

Avoid high fat plant foods.

And while you might be saying, "Wow, Wendy, thank you so much! You just gave me a $600 diet program for free," I'm here to tell you that I've barely scratched the surface.

It's not the WHAT you eat and what you avoid that makes this program work. It's the HOW you do it that makes all the difference.

That's what the 21 day UWL Challenge is all about. Learning from the experts. Learning from the other members. And that kind of in depth information is just not something that fits onto a pretty infographic.

UWL is really quite magical if you ask me. But it's a learning process. One that takes time. I sure hope you'll join us!

The deadline for signing up is today, Tuesday March 31st at midnight PST. There needs to be enough time in advance of the program to get all of the materials mailed out to the participants. It's also a great idea to watch and listen to a good amount of the materials before the 21 day challenge begins on April 13th.

Ultimate Weight Loss - ONLINE VERSION ($149)

Ultimate Weight Loss - DVD/CD VERSION ($179)

If you've already participated in UWL, but would love to continue this journey with us and get in on the four new private coaching calls, you can sign up for that here:
Ultimate Weight Loss - 4 Phone Calls Only ($49)

If you've still got questions, you might want to see the many questions and answers from this blog posting's comments section.
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