Sunday, March 22, 2015

24 Hour Blog Giveaway! The Complete Ultimate Weight Loss Program and 21Day Challenge


I hope you guys are not sick of me talking about the success that I am having following Chef AJ and John Pierre's weight loss recommendations. Their program is solely responsible for me being able to shed 26 unwanted pounds over the course of the past eleven months. But even better than that is the freedom that I am experiencing as my brain heals from its refined carbohydrate overload.

I want to stand on the rooftops and shout out to the world, "If you are struggling with your weight and can't say no to food that you don't want to eat, please stop consuming refined carbohydrates!"

This blog is my rooftop.

And here I am shouting!

But it's not so simple, A sugar addict cannot usually just stop eating sugars and flours. A person needs a plan with a proven track record and a support system that is unwavering.

Ultimate Weight Loss all of that and I am a die hard fan.

I want to help people regain their health and their sanity while maintaining my own. If you have been driven insane by weight that you are unable to lose or an inability to stick to your chosen plan of action, than Ultimate Weight Loss just might be the program that you have been waiting for your whole life.

I'm not going to say that it's easy (well, I am going to say that it gets pretty darned easy as you get into your groove), but OH MY GOSH is it worth it. 

I'm going out tonight to a fancy benefit and guess what? I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear or how I'm going to look, because I know with full confidence that I am going to look great (thanks UWL!). And I don't have to fret about having trouble sticking to my food plan of choice (Whole Food Plant Based, SOS Free) because other stuff is just dead to me now (I'll pre-eat something before I go so that hunger isn't an issue, and I'll enjoy whatever comes my way at the benefit that is WFPB). 

Rebecca's before and during pics. Like me, she's still a work in progress!

These are Shayda's before and after pics.

Melanie lost 40 pounds and went off of her meds.

This is Rob's before and after.

This program works. And I want you to join me in the next UWL 21 day challenge that is starting on April 13th, It's ONLY for subscribers to HGK, so it's going to be an amazing group of dedicated plant based eaters who just haven't found the key to unlock their door yet.

Sign-ups are going to start in a few days, but before that happens I wanted to let one lucky winner have the entire program for FREE.

Here's what's included in the next UWL Challenge that begins on April 13, 2015:

4 x DVDs - 6 videos (4 hours of material) - $120.00 value
4 x audio CDs - (4 hours of material) - $50.00 value
1 x Refrigerator Magnet $6.00 value
1 x Bracelet $3.00 value
4 x Previously recorded Group Coaching Phone Calls - $100.00 value
4 x New Group Coaching Phone Calls (live) with new content - $200.00 value
21-day Recipe Guide - $20 value
Membership in the UWL Private Facebook Group - $150
$649.00 Value

But like I always say, Chef and JP are practically giving this to all of us for free. The cost of the next UWL is only $199.00. I've seen similar programs sell for $500 and personally, I think it's totally worth it. What is the price on our sanity?

So before sign-up begins for the next challenge, I arranged for Chef AJ and John Pierre to let one person have all of this at no cost. 

Here's how you enter the Ultimate Weight Loss giveaway:

(1) You must be an e-mail subscriber to this blog, Healthy Girl's Kitchen. If you are not already a subscriber, please subscribe using the subscribe box on the upper right of the blog.

(2) You must leave a comment to this post letting me know about your struggle. Stuff like how long you have been plant based, the type of plan you have been following, what has worked and what hasn't worked, and whether or not you consider yourself a sugar or a food addict. Maybe let me know what prevented you from signing up for the first UWL challenge.


(3) Maybe you are already doing pretty well following Chef AJ's advice, but you haven't jumped in with two feet and become a part of the movement. You're not in the private Facebook group, but you want to be. You've never seen any of the lectures, and you're curious about all of the stuff that you still have to learn. Let me know what's been going on with you and why you'd like the daily support from Chef AJ, John Pierre and the rest of the enthusiastic gang.

I really hope you will join me in the next challenge. Being a part of this group is an amazing feeling. Never before have I been connected with such like-minded people going through the exact same struggles as I am. 

I will choose one winner on Monday evening the 23rd of March at 8 pm EST. I will announce the winner on the blog. Official sign-ups for the next 21 Day challenge will begin soon after that, so don't miss your opportunity to get in on it for free!

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