Saturday, January 17, 2015


It's been a long time since I have written a blog post, so please excuse me as it's almost hard to begin! But begin I must, because I have something exciting that a really want to share with you.

You may know that for the past, oh, six months (or maybe it's been a year, I can't remember at this point) or more I have been making some serious tweaks to my whole food plant based way of eating. Exchanging starches for nuts was a really big step and a great move (my weight gain finally halted!) and incorporating vegetables into my diet first thing in the morning moved the scale in the right direction, finally!

So I was doing the veggies for breakfast for a while (months?) and then I got to this place where I just couldn't stomach them anymore. The thought of simple vegetables for breakfast was making me gag, plus I was so hungry two hours later that I needed to eat again (which isn't convenient for me) or was contributing to overeating at lunch because I was so hungry by 10 or 11 in the morning.

So I gave up on it for a while. Took a healthy break and ate a different, not nearly as nutritious breakfast, but still 100% WFPB. And a few months went by . . .

Until I was ready to try vegetables for breakfast again. I was going on our annual vacation and I knew that I would have the head space and the freedom to relax and cook myself something great every morning (not that it's time consuming, but it requires a different kind of mindset and rhythm). I don't know what came over me but I put a starch with the vegetables. I think on some level I just didn't want to be hungry again in two hours. I long for that satiation. So I made up a batch of brown rice and sweet potatoes and I started putting that with the pound of vegetables.

I like to season my vegetables really well. Nothing boring for me. I use aged balsamic vinegar with kale and a variety of other salt free seasoning blends with everything else. Low sodium vegetable broth starts all of my "sautes" when I have the inspiration to combine a few different vegetables into one "bowl."

I found I was so happy. I love the way the combinations were tasting (no more gagging down a big bowl of kale) and that I was so satiated. I knew I was onto something really, really special for myself.

As the days went by, I even found that it was enough for me to eat half of my morning concoction for breakfast and then eat the remaining half for lunch. Talk about saving time and money! Holy moly, this began working really well. And I've been losing weight at a pace that I have never experienced.

I decided to document my journey on Instagram (#365daysofveggiesforbreakfast) and Facebook , mostly for accountability, a little bit to see if I could find other people to share the journey with. 

So that's pretty much it. I'm really happy with my food these days. I'm still learning a ton, so a big shout out to Chef AJ for being my faithful coach and incredible educator. You can listen to most of the Chef AJ teleclasses here for free. They are amazing! And thank you to Dr. McDougall, for never wavering in leading the way in getting us thick skulled people to stop fearing the starch!

I hope this blog posting finds you all well. I'd love to hear how you are doing. I sincerely hope that 
you are still on the plant based path, whichever one that may be, and loving it as much as I am.

And maybe you will give veggies for breakfast a try (or not, no biggie!)? If you do, I'd love to see your photos on Instagram (you're not on Instagram? Come on, get with the times! LOL). Just make sure to tag them with #365daysofveggiesforbreakfast. I'd love to see you on Facebook as well, but the powers that be at Facebook have decided that they need to make a profit, so they are tightly controlling the information that is being dissemintated from pages and they want us to pay to have people see our Facebook posts these days. Oh, the horror of it! Those capitalists!

So really, how are YOU doing?

P.S. I'm also off the whole wheat flour (think all breads and flours) and most other ground grains, but that's another blog post for another day.
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