Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Stranger in a Strange Land

I was profoundly moved by this posting that I happened to catch on Facebook today and I wanted to share it with all of you. I know that so many of you will feel a deep connection with Lori.

Stranger in a Strange Land
by Lori Fryd

I am a stranger in a strange land. I am Alice in a bizarre and twisted Wonderland. I am Winston Smith in 1984. I am Neo, awakening into The Matrix. I have traded blissful ignorance for harsh awakening into a world where those with wisdom have no power and those with power have no wisdom.

The world I have awoken to is a strange and pitiless place, where innocent sentient beings in the hundreds of millions are enslaved and tortured so that the populace can consume and be sickened by them, a world where factories have replaced nature and products made in laboratories and assembled on conveyor belt are now ingested by the masses who are rendered progressively more weak, frail, depleted and disabled by this unwholesome consumption.

Now, I am lost in a land of sickness and suffering. Around me, men, women and children lumber and hobble, pale, gray, puffing and misshapen. They move slowly on canes and crutches and wheelchairs, an entire population of bent and broken people, crippled into sick submission before my awakened, heartsick eyes.

Now, I know that vast empires of riches are bestowed upon those who perpetuate this suffering. Billboards and flashing lights, huge colorful signs screech out to the crowds, extolling the virtues of the substances which are poisoning them. The tentacles of mass communication reach into every corner of this brave new land, marketing illness and selling anguish and epidemic to all.

I watch in horror as those stricken by inevitable disease are funneled into a system of manipulation, experimentation and exploitation. I see my friends and family succumb to lies told by those who have received the sacred diploma of "healer," who are called upon to do no harm, yet who usually succeed merely in intensifying their anguish, fear and chronic dependence.

From unsuspecting cradle to unnatural grave, people purchase industrialized illness, marketed for their pleasure in appealing packages of decay and destruction. I have awakened to the specter of an entire society of unique individuals surrendering en masse their own good judgment, common sense and right to life, becoming, instead, pawns in a machinery of corporate greed which profits obscenely from their affliction.

I have arisen from a deep stupor into this grotesque world of illness, state-sanctioned disease and pharmaceutical tyranny, a world which I no longer recognize as my own. I am mostly alone here, swimming upstream against powerful invisible tides which reach deep into every aspect of my life and threaten to take me down too if I do not remain vigilant. I have banded together with others who have awakened. We gather in invisible secret places, behind luminescent screens and silent black keyboards, tapping out our outrage to others who will listen.

Sadly, I have learned that, in my illness there are fortunes to be amassed, in my suffering, there are empires to be built, in my disability, there are vast and bounteous profits to be reaped.

In my wellness, there is nothing to be gained except the steady natural unfolding and fruition of my own God-given life, as it was meant to be, my birthright of health, my sole and undisputed ownership of this vehicle called a body. In this strange unwholesome land in which I now dwell, there is not much money to be had for others as I swim against the tide, trying to fulfill my destiny.

Should I have remained asleep? Should I have refused to take this harsh and horrid look down the rabbit hole? Should I have gone along with the sad and sickened and maddened crowd?


I do not like what I now see, but at least I am no longer blind.

I do not glory in the anger this awakening has wrought, but at least I am no longer afraid.

I do not enjoy being this sad and lonesome stranger who awoke to a strange and sickened world.

But at least I have awoken to the truth.

Love, Lori
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