Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Inspirational Power of Chef AJ & Big Giveways Post!

Illustration by the talented Meg Wilson/BUNtitled.

I have a small miracle to share with you.

We had a big pot luck at work yesterday. Pretty typical SAD food. I'm sure you can imagine it.

For the past few years, I had been "allowing" myself  little "treats" full of sugar and oil and other such nonsense at my company wide functions. Even though I DID NOT WANT TO EAT THE STUFF. I was simply unable to say "no" to all of it. A cupcake here, a cookie there, some candy some of the time.

"Why, why, why?" I wondered. I consider the stuff to be crap.

So yesterday, when we were all enjoying our fun time together, it came to mind that in the not so distant past, I would have had some of the apple crumble. It would have tasted good, and I would have allowed myself a little more. And I always wanted more.

But that was then, and this is now.

My old kryptonite? It didn't phase me at all. Not one little bit.

I think it's all of the potatoes and brown rice in my brain. And the total lack of processed carb in my system. I'm like a different person altogether. I really hope it lasts! I have one person to thank for this miracle, and it's Chef AJ. It has been her private coaching that has made all the difference for me to continue to be happy and at peace with myself and my food.

She was the one who made me promise to her that I would NEVER EVER EVER eat any processed sugar or flour again. I didn't realize that what I was up against (food addiction/carbohydrate sensitivity) required such extreme measures. But I trusted her, and I didn't want her to give up on me. So I listened, and I stopped eating all sugar in all forms. And now the SAD food on the table? It doesn't even register to me as food.

So strange, right?


That's why I'm so excited to share with you that AJ has agreed to give away three fantastic prizes right here on HGK:

3rd prize: A copy of her book, Unprocessed.

2nd prize: The 30 Day Unprocessed Challenge DVDs AND a copy of her book, Unprocessed.

1st prize: One hour of FREE personal coaching from CHEF AJ, the 30 Day Unprocessed Challenge DVDs AND a copy of her book, Unprocessed. Coaching can happen by telephone, Skype or Facetime.

What exactly is the 30 Day Unprocessed Challenge DVD set? Well, Chef AJ has successfully been running her class, the 30 Day Unprocessed Challenge, in Los Angeles since 2009. The cost to take the 4 week course is $497.00. About one year ago, she and her partner, John Pierre, decided that it was time to put the nuts and bolts of the class on a DVD set, so that folks could watch two short video clips per day for 30 days, and get the benefits of the class without living in LA. The cost of the DVD set is $49.00.

It's really great to start your day off with a few minutes of healthy inspiration regarding food and exercise. Each day, AJ and John Pierre show you a new recipe and a new exercise move. Plus, John Pierre's exercise suggestions are all doable in your home space. No gym membership required.

But there is so much more to these video clips than just recipes. You get information about:

Equipment for cooking and exercise
Bone building
Weight loss
Heart disease
Food allergies
High blood pressure
Immune system
Holiday eating
Staying young
Where do you get your protein?
Healthy fats
Salt and seasonings
Social pressure
Be prepared
Nutritional supplements
Food addiction

Wow. That's a lot of great information. Especially for all of those who are new to this way of living, or those that are really struggling to get to their happy place.

To enter the giveaway, please leave your first name and answer the following questions in the comments section of this blog: 

(1) What is your Number 1 struggle in adapting a Whole Foods, Plant Based diet (and by definition, that means SOS (salt, oil and sugar) free)?

(2) What difference would or could having a private coach mean in your life?

Winners will be selected by Chef AJ and myself. Contest ends on Monday, July 28th at midnight, PST.

The fine print: US residents only (sorry!). Winner of the one hour private coaching session with Chef AJ must be willing and able to write about the experience as a guest blog post on Healthy Girl's Kitchen. The one hour free coaching session must be used within 30 days of notification of winning and is not transferable.

Great news, Chef AJ and John Pierre will be hosting our next free teleclass! I'm sure you guys are ready for that, right? Stay tuned for details on the topic, the date and the time for the call.

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