Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Reminder: Free Teleclass Tonight and Important Instructions

Good Morning everyone!

I hope that you will be joining Chef AJ and me for tonight's free teleclass. Here are some important instructions if you plan on joining us:

The subject is Eating Whole Food Plant Based Outside of the Home. Think travel (airports, road trips, airplanes, busses), work, parties, weddings, sporting games, restaurants, friend's and family's homes, and pot lucks.

The time is 9 pm EST, 6 pm PST

The dial in # is

The meeting ID is

Those annoying beeps . . .

Many people had mentioned that it was a very annoying to hear the beep of each person joining the call, and then later in the call, each person leaving the call. We agree, these beeps are a pain in the butt! But given that this is a free teleclass, there's not much that we can do about it at this point except ask that everyone joins the call a few minutes before the starting time and then stays on the call until the end of the call. This will eliminate the entire beeping problem, but it will take everyone's compliance.

I encourage you to leave questions regarding eating outside of your home that you have for Chef AJ as comments to this blog post.

We look forward to tonight as it should be a real learning experience for all of us!
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