Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Last Night's Teleconference with Chef AJ Community Recap and How to Hear It If You Missed It

Hello! I'm all jazzed up after last night's teleconference with Chef AJ. Can I say that it was AMAZING? Not in a bragging way, because it has little to do with me. I'm just so reinspired to continue down this SOS Free, Whole Food Plant Based path, taking incredible JOY in it every day, every where I go and with every challenge that comes my way.

I have ambitious plans to listen to the call again, roughly transcribing it into a serious of blog posts. It was THAT powerful. I'm packing my cooler of food today for sure as I go off for work, so that I can be ready for lunch in a restaurant and for my late afternoon hungries.

If you missed the call, please do take the time to listen to the recording. In order to get the phone number, code and information to do that, you must be a subscriber to Chef AJ's newsletter. Just go to EatUnprocessed if you're not already subscribed.

If you were on the call, we'd love to know from you: What were your most important take-aways? What information was new for you? Are you inspired? Please share your thoughts in the comments section as this information can be very powerful for the group.

Here's to another hectic and healthy day, eating out the "right" way for you!
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