Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Date Change for Next Chef AJ Free Teleclass and Other Exciting Stuff

I'm sorry to do this but due to Chef AJ's jam packed travel schedule, the date of the next free teleclass with Chef AJ has been changed to Tuesday, July 8th at 9 pm EST (6 pm PST).

Our first teleclass was ah-maz-ing! We got incredible feedback on how helpful it was for the listeners to actually hear AJ talk about all that she has learned over the past, oh, thirty years or so of studying this subject. The focus of this month's teleclass will be eating SOS Free Vegan/Whole Foods Plant Based anywhere outside of your home, from restaurants to road trips to parties and friend's houses and everywhere in between.

The dial in # is

The meeting ID is

So if you've got questions, please leave them here in the comments section! The format of the teleclass is interview style, and I get all of my questions from the ones that you guys leave here.

On another note, please check out this month's McDougall Newsletter. It features recipes by Chef AJ and all of the photography was taken by me! Yipee!

And on an even other note, Dr. Esselstyn has released the findings of a study that he did on oil-free plant based diets and coronary artery disease. You'll definitely want to see that (or at least the summarized version).

So what struggles are you having with your food? We'd love to help you solve them! Ask away . . .

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