Friday, June 6, 2014

In Defense of the film "Fed Up"

You guys may or may not have seen T. Colin Campbell's scathing analysis of the movie Fed Up. I read his review with great interest, as this movie pretty much changed the direction of my family's way of eating a few weeks ago.

I want you to know that I totally agree with everything that T. Colin Campbell says about this documentary. It is overly simplistic and points a finger at only one of many, many factors (some even yet unknown to us) that are causing the rise in obesity: sugar. By singling out sugar as the bad guy, most people who see this movie will be falsely lured into a feeling that if they just get the sugar out of their diet, then they will be okay.

But you already know better than that.

What T. Colin Cambpell fails to recognize or admit is that this movie has some real, positive power in it. For lack of a better way to say this, don't throw the baby out with the bath water!

So I feel the need to defend "Fed Up!" and here's why:

(1) I got so pissed off after seeing the movie that I got rid of the remainder of processed food from my house. I had let a lot of crap creep in to my kitchen that I knew on some level was not good, but I didn't have a strong urge to get rid of it all--until I saw "Fed Up!" It not only vilifies sugar, it vilifies all processed food, which is a really good thing for all Americans to be aware of right now.

(2) I took my kids to see it. And do you know what my older daughter said? "Mom, now I understand. Before today, we were only 75% of the way there with healthy eating. After today, I am ready to be 100% there."

I almost cried.

(3) Before seeing the movie, I never really internalized the idea that a pretzel was just as bad as a piece of candy. I always thought that sweet was the worst thing that I could eat and that in a pinch, a handful of pretzels (or something like that) wasn't such a bad idea.

Boy, was I wrong. What they explained in the movie, and I finally understand now, is that to our bodies, from the neck down, there is no difference between a piece of candy and a pretzel. It's simple sugar and our body processes it and reacts to it in exactly the same way.

You have to understand, I NEEDED to hear that. Try as I may to be a Whole Food Plant Based model, I'm pretty sure that in a pinch, I would have easily picked up that unsweetended processed snack. But not now. Now I see it as the poison that it is--no different than a candy bar. It's much easier to grab and apple or a banana now when I am hungry between meals. That wasn't so easy before. In fact, it was quite difficult for me. I'm so glad I'm over that hurdle.

(4) Prior to seeing the movie, try as I might, one of my children just wasn't on board with healthy eating. Her natural inclination is towards carbs, carbs and more carbs--and processed ones at that.

This movie was a game changer for her. With her blessing, we got rid of every last processed carbohydrate in the house (unless you consider a rice cake a processed carb). Foods that she was unwilling to try before, like potatoes and brown rice, have now become some of her favorite foods--because all of the processed crap is gone.

But the only way to do this while maintaining any sanity for her parents was to have her come to this decision on her own. And she never would have without seeing "Fed Up!"

So, to the people who made the movie "Fed Up!" . . .

I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Your fan,
Healthy Girl's Kitchen

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