Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Spiced Pumpkin Seed Cabbage Salad

I promised that I would be back in February with The Eat to Live Cookbook Project, and here I am! I was beginning to get scared that I wouldn't make good on my promise though.

I've got a confession to make: I'm going through a serious "I don't feel like cooking phase" of my life.

That's pretty crappy for a food blogger to say that, but I'm nothing if I'm not honest. Making a big salad is about the only thing that I can muster up the mental energy to do these days when I get home from work. The weekends are a little bit different. I'm slightly more inspired to use my days off for something a bit more creative and a bit more time intensive, but not much more. I've been making a lot of homemade yogurt and dehydrator granola and loving it.

The good news is that my energies are not going to waste, they're just going to something else right now: yoga. My friend Quinn has this theory that you can either eat healthy food or exercise, but not both because it just takes too much mental energy. I'm not sure if I want to agree with that, because the implications stink. But this happens to be my reality right at the moment, so dinners around here have been really bore-ing. Except for this treat . . .

Spiced Pumpkin Seed Cabbage Salad
from The Eat to Live Cookbook by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, p. 117
Edited to note: You can find the recipe right here on the Vitamix website. Balsamic vinegar is listed as the vinegar for the dressing in that version of the recipe. The cookbook lists one of the Dr. Fuhrman vinegars, which I don't own. I used white wine vinegar and it was fantastic, so it seems that you can use any vinegar that you have in your pantry!

Did I like it? Like it? I LOVED IT!

Was it easy to make with readily available ingredients? I'm not gonna lie, there's a lot of different ingredients and a lot of fairly easy chopping involved. It kind of sucks when a recipe calls for "1 cup of grated red cabbage, 2 cups of grated green cabbage and 1 cup of grated savoy cabbage" because really, what are you going to do with the rest of those three cabbages that are now left over in your refrigerator? If you're like me, you're probably going to make mounds and mounds of this salad all week long.

What specifically did I like about the recipe? Totally delicious and totally company worthy, this salad recipe is full of healthy, raw cruciferous vegetables. It's on the sweet side, but I like that. It gets better with age, which is so cool, because you can make a giant bowl of it (at least doubling the recipe) and it could last you for many meals as long as you don't get to sick of it.

What specifically didn't I like about the recipe? The recipe called for Roasted Spiced Pumpkin Seeds--and I'm sure they would have been divine--but I just didn't have the energy for it (the recipe required a lot if ingredients). So I used plain raw pumpkin seeds instead. The salad was still amaze-balls.

Did my husband like it? Yes

Did my teenage daughter like it? She didn't taste it.

Did my eight or five year old try it? What do you think? It's probably time that I took this question out of the lineup. The kids are nine and six now too, so that's gotta be changed. LOL

Would I make it again? HELLS TO THE YEAH. This one's a KEEPER.

Is there anything I would do to improve on it if I made it again? Not a thing.

Overall Grade (completely unscientific, I admit): A+

Have you made Dr. Fuhrman's Spiced Pumpkin Seed Cabbage Salad? What were your impressions? How do you get yourself out of a rut? Leave a comment below.

Still don't have the book? What are you waiting for? These recipes are yumkins.

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