Friday, December 13, 2013

The Eat to Live Project: Friday Recap (Week 9). Project Hold.

I hope you have been enjoying my reviews and photographs of the recipes from the Eat to Live Cookbook. To be totally honest, I have found the last few weeks to be a struggle to keep the project going while maintaining my other commitments. It's a temporary situation resulting from increased demands at work, so again, I am a little bit behind in my best laid plans for cooking and blogging at a pretty rapid pace. It's okay, I'm not beating myself up over it, just letting you know where I'm at.

We spend the end of the year in a warmer climate in a rental condo on the beach. For the past few years, I have continued to cook and blog from our vacation spot. But I know that making a commitment to myself (and to you) to keep this project going during my only downtime of the year would be a big mistake.

The most interesting thing that I have to grapple with is that wherever I go, I need and want to do most of the cooking for myself. On vacation in a foreign city with a makeshift kitchen? Still need to cook. That's just what happens when you eat a Whole Food Plant Based diet and enjoy it so much that you don't enjoy eating in most restaurants anymore. Stock up on convenience foods so that I can have a real rest for two weeks? Not going to happen.

I need to keep cooking.

And so do you.

We don't get off easy.

So the break I'm taking? I think it needs to be from blogging. And taking fancy pictures of food. And The Eat to Live Cookbook. I'll be finishing up two recipes and blogging about them in the coming week, but then I'm taking a nice break from the project.

I'll catch you on Facebook and Instagram during my "break." Hey, I don't want to be completely cut off from you all!

I'll likely be bringing my two new cookbooks: Isa Does It and Happy Herbivore Light and Lean with me on our trip, but I'm not totally sure yet. I need to spend some time this weekend figuring that out. I want quick and easy recipes, but still with loads of vegetables, beans, potatoes and fruit. If you've got any recommendations, my ears are open!

Why can't I just be normal and cook the tried and true recipes that I have made and loved in the past? What is wrong with me? Why does my cooking usually need to be exciting and new? I'm a junkie.

Plan for Week 10

I'll be blogging about the following recipes:

Ginger Almond Dressing, p. 86 
Something tells me I have made this one in the past. I'm guessing that I really liked it, but we'll find out soon.

Thai Vegetable Curry, p. 181
Man, do I love Thai food. I hope I'm impressed!

Plus . . . hosting a contest and blog giveaway of one copy of The Eat to Live Cookbook. Yipee!

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Are you a new recipe junkie? Do you ever catch a break from cooking?

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