Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Eat to Live Cookbook: Friday Recap (Week 8) and Next Week's Cooking

Salt has been a popular topic of conversation during the entire Eat to Live Project. Many people have expressed dissatisfaction with this or that recipe, and what immediately comes to my mind is . . . SALT. If you are cooking out of the Eat to Live Cookbook and you haven't (for the most part) gotten salt out of your life, you might find it very difficult to enjoy these recipes.

Getting the salt out of your home cooking is so worth it! It was a long and slow process for me, and I'm finally there. Anytime I eat at someone else's home or a restaurant, I'm overwhelmed by the salty taste of the food. Yuck!

It happened for me like this: I just used less and less salt until I was using almost none. Then about 8 weeks ago I started to exclusively use salt substitutes in my home cooked food and it now tastes very flavorful to me. But it took me years. I wouldn't go from salting your recipes to using Benson's Table Tasty overnight and expect miracles. Like anything worthwhile, there is time and pain involved. But oh the freedom when you get there!

I'm interested in your thoughts on salt. Where are you with it? Have you had success either decreasing the amount that you use/consume or eliminating it altogether?

Also, progress with my eight year old! We were at a party at a friend's house with loads of kids and the hostess offered the kids vegetable soup. Do you know that my daughter was the ONLY child who accepted a mug of soup? And do you know what else? She liked it and ate the whole thing (of course, there was salt in it, but hey, I'll take it!).

Which leads me to the following conclusion: This Eat to Live Project may not be working all that well when it comes to my two youngest children. I am considering asking them to choose one recipe per week from another cookbook with more simple flavors, perhaps the new Happy Herbivore Light and Lean cookbook? I feel like Lindsay Nixon's cookbook might be far more appealing to my children than the Dr. Fuhrman recipes. Of course, I would provide a photograph and review of those recipes also if it's a go with Maya and Max. I'll keep you posted!

Plan for Week 9:

It's going to be a very light cooking week. I'm still really busy making holiday cards at work and simple dinners are the way to go right now. A baked sweet potato with some steamed greens, mushrooms and onion make a perfect weeknight dinner many days during this time of the year.

Polenta Frittata, p. 73
I'm excited to change breakfast up a bit and this sounds like a good grab and go option.

Ginger Almond Dressing, p. 86 
Something tells me I have made this one in the past. I'm guessing that I really liked it, but we'll find out soon.

Thai Vegetable Curry, p. 181
Man, do I love Thai food. I hope I'm impressed!

I'll also be watching the Don't Eat Anything with a Face debate in pieces parts throughout the weekend:

Don't Eat Anything With A Face from Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates on

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Have you had a lot of success with feeding children consistently healthy meals and not falling into a major rut? If so, where do you and your kids find inspiration? 

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