Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Eat to Live Cookbook: Almond Balsamic Vinaigrette

In a rare moment of total peace and quiet in my kitchen, I come to you with this blog post about a fairly simple oil-free and Vegan homemade salad dressing from the Eat to Live Cookbook. I hope that whatever experience that I have had making this dressing will inspire you and help you to prepare good and healthy food in your own home.

Almond Balsamic Vinaigrette
from The Eat to Live Cookbook by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, p. 81

Did I like it? Like, yes. Love, no.

Was it easy to make with readily available ingredients? Absolutely, yes. As I have been doing with most of the recipes in the book, I used half of the amount of nuts specified in the recipe.

What specifically did I like about the recipe? It's simple to prepare with stock ingredients in any plant based kitchen. It's got very strong flavors of garlic and sweetness. If you are not a fan of raw garlic, do not make this dressing!

What specifically didn't I like about the recipe? I think that this might have been my fault--I decided to use my good and very expensive aged balsamic vinegar in this dressing (these tend to be less acidic and much sweeter than regular balsamics), which was probably a big waste of it. I'm pretty sure that the dressing would have been even better with your run of the mill balsamic vinegar. It's just that I remembered that Chef Aj strongly encourages the use of aged balsamic vinegar in her Balsamic Vinaigrette, so I thought it would be the best choice for this dressing. But really, the raisins in the dressing do a fine job in sweetening up the dressing and mine came out overly sweet.

Did my husband like it? I've had so much other food to feed him, I don't think that he has tried this one yet.

Did my teenage daughter like it? N/A

Did my eight or five year old try it? N/A

Would I make it again? Probably not, simply because I am in love with the dressing from the Apple Bok Choy Salad on p. 116, which is similar to this one but a little different and in my opinion better. So I will be making that dressing again for sure!

Is there anything I would do to improve on it if I made it again? I would use regular balsamic vinegar (like the recipe calls for), not aged.

Overall Grade (completely unscientific, I admit): I hesitate to give this one a grade unless I make it again correctly. But even with my goof-up, this dressing is still a solid B.

Have you made Dr. Fuhrman's Almond Balsamic Vinaigrette? What were your impressions? Leave a comment below.

Still don't have the book? What are you waiting for? These recipes are flavorful.

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