Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Eat to Live Cookbook Project: Overnight Oatmeal

Overnight Oats are not a new invention. In fact, they are an Internet sensation made popular by countless bloggers, the most notable of which might be Angela Liddon of Oh She Glows fame. Her creativity with this simple idea knows no bounds. If you are not familiar with them, I will explain: you basically take rolled oats and soak them overnight in a liquid. No cooking involved. What you add to that mixture is what makes them so wonderful. I even like overnight oats more than cooked oatmeal.

I'm very happy to see a recipe for Overnight Oatmeal in Dr. Fuhrman's Eat to Live Cookbook. Why? Because I really like the taste and texture of overnight oats, the fun you can have creating different flavor combinations, and the magic of having breakfast practically made for you on a busy weekday morning. They might just be my single favorite breakfast.

If you want to take overnight oats to a whole 'nother mother f'ing level (sorry, I had to say that), you layer them, parfait style, with frozen banana soft serve, a la this creation: Grasshopper Overnight Oats.

So if you haven't experienced the magic of overnight oats, (aka refrigerator oats, overnight oatmeal) please accept this invitation to come join the party!

Overnight Oatmeal
from The Eat to Live Cookbook by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, p. 64

Did I like it? Oh yeah.

Was it easy to make with readily available ingredients? Yes.

What specifically did I like about the recipe? It reminded me how much I enjoy this dish. In fact, I think it's going to become my breakfast staple for the next few months. I am no longer the biggest fan of smoothies, and have been kind of forcing myself to drink them this past week in order to review the recipes for this blog.

What specifically didn't I like about the recipe? My only criticism is that the recipe left out any ground flax or chia seed. I've heard over and over how good these ingredients are for you and how you want to have some every day for the Omega 3s, and breakfast is the logical place to get them into your diet.

Did my husband like it? Not yet. But I doubt he will. He really doesn't like oatmeal.

Did my teenage daughter like it? Not yet.

Did my eight or five year old try it? Not yet.

Would I make it again? Yes, over and over and over.

Is there anything I would do to improve on it if I made it again? I would always add flax or chia.

Here's a sample version of how I make this breakfast:

Healthy Girl's Overnight Oats with Apple and Banana
serves 3-4

1/4 cup chopped dried apple
1 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
3 cups unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp cinnamon
2 Tbsp chia seed

Place all ingredients into a medium sized bowl (one with a lid would be helpful), stir, cover and refrigerate overnight. In the morning, stir again. Using a total of 1/4--1/3 of the mixture and one ripe banana cut into chunks, layer ingredients into a bowl or jar and enjoy. Refrigerate the remaining overnight oat mixture and enjoy again over the next few days.

Overall Grade (completely unscientific, I admit): A+

Have you made Dr. Fuhrman's Overnight Oatmeal? What were your impressions? Leave a comment below.

Still don't have the book? What are you waiting for? These recipes are fun.

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