Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Call Out For Oil-free Dressing Recipes and Bragg's Giveaway!

Many of you are probably aware of the fact that I am hard at work putting together Volume II of my Big List of Oil-free Dressing recipes. Thank you to everyone that has already submitted an original recipe or a link to another blogger or author's recipe. I am in the process of checking with those authors to confirm that they are okay with including their recipe in this printable list.

In the meantime, we need more recipes! So I thought I would sweeten the deal a bit for all of you oil-free dressing lovers.

Bragg, maker of my absolute favorite raw Apple Cider Vinegar contacted me a few weeks ago about their bottled oil-free salad dressings. They've got two flavors, Braggberry Dressing and Marinade and Hawaiian Dressing and Marinade. Both are delicious, really low calorie, made from totally wholesome ingredients, and absolute must have pantry items for the plant-based pantry.


Because it's not every night, or even every week, that we have the wherewithal to mix up our own salad dressings from scratch. We also need some of these convenience items in our kitchens. Thank you Bragg!

Twenty calories in two tablespoons and no fat? Can't beat that!

These two products would be interesting incorporated into salad dressings or even just sprinkled on a salad.

And of course, I couldn't fail to mention our friend, Nutritional Yeast, an ingredient in so many yummy oil-free dressings!

When I asked the representative from Bragg what was different about nutritional yeast that I could find in my local health food store's bulk bin and their own product, the rep said "Our Premium Nutritional Yeast is very similar in taste and nutrition profile to the Nutritional Yeast you will find in a bulk section. We believe that our Bragg Nutritional Yeast is of higher quality and superior to most Nutritional Yeast products on the market. Our flakes are slightly bigger making it more of a seasoning and not a nutritional supplement."

So that's cool. It's good to know that Bragg sells nooch as well. I'll be taking this bottle with me to Florida for our annual warm weather vacation. It's a convenient and safe way to travel with nooch. But back to the point of this blog posting--

We need more dressings for our printable recipe list.

Here's where I sweeten the deal . .  . surprise, it's a blog giveaway!

Leave a comment on this post with the recipe for your favorite homemade oil-free salad dressing recipe. That recipe will make it into the Big List Volume II and will also enter you into a giveaway of the following items from Bragg:

Apple Cider Vinegar
Hawaiian Dressing and Marinade
Braggberry Dressing and Marinade
Either Sprinkle or Sea Kelp Delight--your choice

For those of you who have already left a recipe on my last blog post, thank you! Your names will automatically be entered into the giveaway. 

Contest ends Friday, October 4th at noon, EST. Winner will be selected at random and announced shortly after.

So, what's your go-to recipe?
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