Thursday, September 12, 2013

What is the Safest and Best Nonstick Cookware on the Market Today?

Reader advice day! Hooray!

Here's an e-mail that I received yesterday:

"Hi Wendy,

Today's recipe for Aloo Gobi sounds delicious. Curious if you use a nonstick pan or stainless steel for recipes that require a sautéed onion. I noticed in your shop page you have Cuisinart Stainless Steel as well as a Nonstick. I am in the market for new pots and pans, mine are scratched, so would appreciate guidance.

I am leaning towards stainless steel but worried about sautéing onions sticking to the pan. If I do end up with a stainless steel set, I'll most likely get at one nonstick for pancakes.

Just tried your massaged kale salad and added my greens and other salad fixins to it. Definitely a winner.

Best and thank you,

I use a variety of pots and pans for my recipes. Stainless steel soup pots, a cast iron enamel dutch oven for stews, and a few non-stick saute pans in a variety of sixes--the most used one being the largest.
I have been broth/water sauteing my onions and garlic in stainless steel soup pots for years now with no issue of sticking or burning--so my soup pots are fantastic.

But I have been worried lately that the non-stick saute pans that I use when making fillings for lasagnas and burritos or "frying" pancakes and quesadillas might be leaching bad chemicals into the food that we eat, especially since the surface of my largest saute pan is no longer intact. I have been thinking that I really need to replace it.

Incidentally, I also have a few ScanPans that are non-stick, solid surface dutch oven shaped pots that I have had for about seventeen years. The surface of the pots is discolored, but nothing at all have ever peeled away causing concern that they are unsafe. I could just bite the bullet and get a large Scanpan saute pan, but before I invest any money in a new saute pan. . .

I too am wondering, who out there can recommend safe non-stick cookware that does not deteriorate or chip off over time? What do you know about the material of these pots and pans? What has your experience been with this cookware? If you do not see the comments section, please click on the title of the post above.
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