Friday, May 17, 2013

Winners Announced! My Beef with Meat

I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.

Which one do you want first?

The good news? I thought so.

This delicious and super easy chocolate cake with frosting is an Engine 2 recipe! The recipe developer, Betty Speer, named it "Adonis Cake." So for all of you reading this who are Plant-strong, you now know exactly what you are going to make for every party, holiday, pot luck and special occasion from here forward! Yeah!

The bad news? 

I don't have the recipe for you.

It's in Rip's new book, My Beef with Meat.

Natala, Rip's right hand lady, promises that if the new Engine 2 book becomes a New York Times Bestseller, they just might release this recipe into the world wide web. But until then, you will just have to get the book. I know I'm already planning my next dinner party straight out of the pages of the recipe section. You know this cake will be on the menu. My college roommate and her two daughters are visiting us next weekend from Minnesota and I want to wow them with Plant-strong lovelies. They will be in Cleveland for an Irish dancing competition--these girls are fierce!

Oh, I almost forgot, the other good news!

The two winners of My Beef with Meat are . . .

Number 164
Lisa who said, "My biggest concern is getting my family on board. Left to my own devices, I do pretty well. But my husband and sons are not swayed by my arguments of 'frankenfood' and how eating better will make them feel better. I need all the help I can get!"

Number 251
Tricia who said, "Congrats!!!! That is so exciting for you! My biggest concern is trying to stay plant strong in a non so plant strong world and around a different mindsets than me. Why should I have to constantly defend or explain my choices and SAD followers do not just be it is mainstream?!?! Most asked questions for me are about adequate protein consumption for my kids and also the ever popular "Don't you miss bacon????"

Lisa and Tricia, please contact me immediately at Thanks to everyone who entered! It was a really fun round of answers to the questions.

Oh, and I almost forgot--there's more good news. If you didn't win a copy of My Beef with Meat, you can always purchase one because it's on sale right now! No more waiting.

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