Saturday, April 6, 2013

Vegan Berry Cherry Parfait

Absolutely all of the credit on this one goes to Debby over at Happy Healthy Long Life. She was the one that suggested this combination of three ingredients that has become my new favorite breakfast.

The downside is that it's no where near as healthy as a green smoothie, but since the weather has been unseasonably cold here this spring, I just can't get myself to make and drink a green smoothie in the morning. The upside is this parfait is super fast to throw together, it's delicious, and it is filling.

Here are the components:

I would say I use about 3/4 of a cup of Whole Soy Plain yogurt in my parfait,

one Heart Thrive cake (1/2 of a package), broken into two pieces, each 1/2 piece crumbled


about 1/2 of a bag of Trader Joe's Very Cherry Berry Blend of frozen fruit. But you can use any frozen berries that you have access to!

You can either use the fruit frozen and let the parfait sit for a bit while the berries thaw, or you can pop a bowl full of berries into the microwave for a minute or so before assembling your parfait. I like to start with the frozen berries--they keep their shape without releasing all of their juice, and eating the parfait takes a lot longer with partially frozen berries. Wolfing down my food is something I truly struggle with.

Into a bowl or jar, layer half of the berries, half of the yogurt and half of a crumbled up Heart Thrive and repeat. So good.

What's your breakfast du jour? Do you keep Heart Thrives in your freezer or pantry? Have you ever tried Whole Soy yogurt?

I had never tried Whole Soy yogurt until Debby mentioned it on Facebook. I imagined that any plain yogurt would have that very strong tart flavor that I have never been a fan of. But this yogurt is totally different. You would almost think it was a vanilla flavored sweetened yogurt--it has none of that harsh taste of traditional plain yogurt.

I'm just finishing up my second shipment of Heart Thrives and thinking that I will be placing another order pretty soon, given my new found obsession with these parfaits. My kids LOVE the chocolate flavor and my favorite is the Lemon Poppyseed, but all of the flavors are superb. Considering that most of the "snack" foods available today are total and complete garbage, these Heart Thrives are something that I can keep around and feel, well, less bad about.
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