Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Dr. Fuhrman Lecture, a Night I will Never Forget

The scene: a large theater in downtown Cleveland. My companions and I are running behind. We arrive seconds before the show is about to begin. We grab a smoothie shot as we race in. Vitamix is sponsoring and we love a good smoothie.

It looks like we are going to have to find whatever seats are available in the back, but finding any seat is challenging. Three thousand other people are there.

Luck strikes. An usher tells us to go to the front.  There are empty seats there he tells us.

We race down the aisle and insert ourselves into three seats in the fourth row.


That was two days ago. And now as I sit down to write this I have feelings of dread and overwhelm. The lecture was amazing, and there is just no way that I can, as a mere mortal, capture for you "on paper" the effect that this lecture had on me. But I will try to at least share with you a little of what we, me and the 3000 other people at that lecture, experienced and how I am so inspired to do better.

The following is a list of either direct quotes or paraphrases of things that Dr. Fuhrman said during the lecture:

The SAD diet was designed by Al Qaeda. Ha ha. That got a lot of laughs, but you get the point.

Right now doctors are glorified pharmacists. Doctors should be educators, teachers and motivators. Unfortunately, most are not. The prescription pad has become a "permission pad." Permission for people to keep on eating/living the way they are and mask their symptoms with drugs but never ever get to the cause of the disease to eliminate it.

Ninety percent of Americans over the age of 60 are on medication. All drugs are toxic. They should be the treatment of last resort. Remove the cause of the disease and let the body's natural healing process take effect. The side effects of one drug lead to the patient being prescribed another toxic drug, and on and on until people are taking a whole host of drugs.

More medication does not mean better health. Healthy living means better health.

We need to become students. It takes education to succeed. Nutrition is something that people should be taught in elementary, middle and high school and in higher education. The basic information to be able to control our health should be taught as a fundamental subject in schools.

Bagels are poisonous to the human body. Eating a bagel is like sucking on a sugar cube.

The whiter the bread, the sooner you are dead. The more you eat green, the more you get lean.

When we eat animal protein, the body produces IGF-1. When we eat sugar, the body produces insulin. Both are linked to cancer.

We need to eat a little bit of nuts and seeds with our vegetables in order to absorb more of their nutrients. Eating nuts on their own as a snack is a no-no.

People who eat the most vegetables live the longest. We are a green vegetable dependent animal. EAT MORE GREENS. This is the key to the whole thing!

Chew your food well. A lot of chemical reactions are going on in your mouth that are essential to you receiving the nutritional benefits of the healthy food that you are taking so much time and care to eat. Don't cook the life out of your vegetables. Dr. Fuhrman has even revised his original recipes to reflect the new science.

It almost seems like there is a conspiracy, why don't all women know that one mushroom per day will decrease their risk of developing breast cancer by 64%? But don't eat those mushrooms raw, they have a toxin in them that even lightly cooking eliminates.

And those canned tomatoes? No good, no good at all. Only use ones in boxes or glass. This left me wondering, what about the canned tomatoes in the cans that are labeled BPA free?

Well, that's it for the notes I took. What I want to leave you with is this, the thing that I am most inspired to do: eat way more GREEN vegetables.

Sure, I'm almost vegan. I avoid processed food. I prepare a lot of delicious food with healthy ingredients. But am I focused on green vegetables or even just vegetables with every meal that I prepare and eat? No, not really. I once was, but I've been lazy. And distracted with life. But I should be laser focused on healthy eating. And I am now, because that's how awe inspiring Dr. Fuhrman's lecture was.

Interestingly, Dr. Fuhrman only mentioned Vitamix once during the whole two hour lecture. I thought that was odd.

What do you think?

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