Thursday, March 14, 2013

What's Up With All of the Hype About Olive Oil and The Mediterranean Diet?

I'm back today with another video. I just can't stop myself--there's just so much great stuff coming our way right now. I was turned on to this particular piece by Jeff Nelson over at VegSource. Thanks Jeff!

I'm sure you've seen some of the media coverage in the last few weeks about a new study "confirming" how olive oil, nuts, wine, oily fish and the like are all so "good" for you.

What a shame, all of the people buying into this and pouring oil over their food, believing it's an elixir of health, that it will actually prevent you from getting heart disease.

Hogwash. It makes me so mad I think I might actually cry (I'm very emotional these days).

Watch this video. Find out why this study is a crock of s%$#.

 What do you tell people when they say to you, "But isn't olive oil so good for you?"

I usually tell them that it's one of the most concentrated source of calories and it has zero nutritional benefit. Nothing. Nada. So why would I want to add calories to my food if I'm not getting something in return? But with all of this hoopla about "The Mediterranean Diet" again these days, I'm going to have to be well versed in why that study is totally misleading. This video sure helps.

Do you know who sponsored this study? I'd like to find out . . .
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