Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winners of Fast Food Shopping School Announced. Didn't Win? Don't Despair!

Before I announce the 3 winners of Jeff Novick's Fast Food Shopping School, I want to tell you all how much I believe that this video is a MUST SEE for every one of us.

Jeff Nelson at VegSource has graciously offered to sell HGK readers this video at a discount until Monday, January 28th, so don't wait a second.  Just go and order it here (if you didn't win, of course!) and get your very own Shopping School video.

Normally sold for $29.95, which includes shipping (it's $5 more than the other Fast Food programs because it's about an hour longer -- nearly 3 hours or info total), with the discount it is $24.95 (includes shipping). You will save so much more than that because you will easily walk away from all of the packaged junk in the grocery store aisles because you will be educated.

Jeff Nelson has also offered to sell us a set of Jeff Novick's video "Should I Eat That? How to Choose the Healthiest Foods" along with "Shopping School" for $43.90 (a savings of $10 if they purchased each separately).

"Should I Eat That?" is Jeff Novick's label reading talk that gives all of the background label stuff in detail. It exposes a lot of labeling tricks the industry uses to try to deceive people. It is sort of "chapter 1" on label reading. The "Shopping School" video then puts it all into practice by picking up where Should I Eat That leaves off.

To get both SHOPPING SCHOOL plus Jeff's SHOULD I EAT THAT? DVD programs for $10 off, go here.

The promotions will be gone after Monday the 28th, so don't miss your opportunity to get educated!

And now for the winners . . .

Caroline who said, "I think my label-reading skills are quite good. I never put into my shopping cart any packaged food without having read the label first. Somehow, however, I think I still have plenty to learn."

Guy who said, "Reading labels is painful. You stand blocking the asile and look confused. They are not meant to be understood. But, I don't trust the front labels at all. Lucky for me, I don't need a label for potatoe's or rice. Veggies don't have labels. Just that darn stuff in the center asiles in boxs, bags and jars and cans."

Kathy who said, "To be honest, I've never been a label reader. Like a lot of people of my generation, we trusted that ALL that is in our food is good for us! My mother never stressed nutrition, we were told to eat what was put in front of us. Well...I am now paying for that saying now with health issues. I want to convert to a healthy way of eating and hopefully live the last part of life in a healthier state!"

Caroline, Guy and Kathy, please contact me at with your full name and mailing address. Congratulations!

I'm not kidding, I think I'm going to watch the whole 3 hours of Shopping School again this weekend. It's that good, and I really want the information to be set in my brain forever. My last few trips to the grocery store were totally different--I was putting down products that I otherwise would have put into my cart--and I blog about this stuff! Just goes to show, we can never stop learning.

What about you? Are you done learning about this stuff? Or are you going to get your very own copy of Fast Food Shopping School? To leave a comment/view the comments, please click on the title of this post (the orange text above). If you are on a smart phone, you must be viewing the web version of HGK to view and leave comments.
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