Sunday, January 20, 2013

Video Review and Giveaway: Jeff Novick's Fast Food Shopping School

The envelope please.

And the Academy Award for Most Useful Film goes to . . .

Jeff Novick's Fast Food Shopping School!


Yes, it's THAT good. But what exactly is Fast Food Shopping School?

Well, it's the third video in Jeff Novick's series called, you guessed it, Fast Food.

That's the same series which freed me from the shackles in my brain that had me thinking that good, healthy, tasty food just "took a long time to make." Sometimes it does, but it doesn't always have to. You can read about that here, here and here.

In this video, Jeff takes us step by step through a grocery store and teaches us to read the labels in order to weed out the unhealthy packaged foods from the healthy ones. The reality is that most packaged food is just not good for us. But that's what makes this video so great. Jeff tells us where and how to find all of the convenience foods that are acceptable.

Jeff's basic rules of thumb are this:

A food should have no more sodium than a 1:1 ratio with the calories per serving. A food should get no more than 20% of it's calories from fat and no more than 5% of it's calories from added sugar.

It's no secret that Jeff's rules are the very ones that Rip Esselstyn chose to include in his book, The Engine 2 Diet. But just reading them in a book is nothing compared to watching Jeff analyze food one label at a time. And since it's been few years now since I first read Engine 2, I was way past due for a refresher course.

How do you know how to apply Jeff's label analysis. It's not rocket science, but it's not super easy either. Jeff teaches us to become expert label readers as he works through his system over and over again with a variety of food labels. It's still going to take me some time and a bit of practice putting all of this knowledge to good use. It's not as simple as it sounds and there are tons of nuances that Jeff points out along the way.

Plus, you will find out about all of the good stuff that you have been passing right by on the supermarket shelf, stuff you didn't know about. Like puffed whole grain cereals. Until now, I just passed right by that section the vast majority of the time (unless something like Puffed Brown Rice was called for in a dessert recipe). But now, Jeff has me thinking that these little crunchy balls might make a good addition my pantry, for use as a topping for banana soft serve or as a component of cold breakfast cereal on the days when I'm just not in the mood for oatmeal.

Shopping School is 3 hours long, but I didn't watch it in one stretch. The nice thing about it is that it is broken into about 30 chapters that you can view in order or you can jump around as the mood strikes you. And some chapters are so crucial to me that I needed to watch them more than once.

I guarantee you will enjoy this video, learn a ton of valuable information, and save money on all of that processed food you will now snuff your nose at on the supermarket shelf. You'll save far, far more than the $29.95 cost of the video itself, which includes shipping.

I can't guarantee that you will look like Nina and Randa after watching Fast Food Shopping School, but it will put you in the same good mood. Read even more about the video here and catch reviews of it here.

Do you want to win one of 3 copies of Fast Food Shopping School available in this superfantastic giveaway?

Leave a comment here letting us know how you'd rate your own label reading skills. 

Are you an expert on Jeff's guidelines or have you never heard of them in your life? When you are at the grocery store, how do you personally determine whether or not to purchase a particular food item? Do you read the label? Did you always? 

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I want to thank Jeff Nelson of VegSource for making this giveaway possible.  Look out for a special HGK promotional code for this video and a few others once the contest ends!

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