Monday, January 28, 2013

Motivation Today: Heart Disease Infographic

I want to thank everyone who contributed their thoughts to our last discussion about what to do when hosting carnivores. If you missed that post, it's a hot one, with plenty of room for more discussion, so please stop on by.

That post is a good reminder that many of us are struggling to remain true to what we know is the right way to eat (for us at this time, no judging!). Just because I blog about healthy eating/living doesn't mean I don't struggle to make good choices for my health each and every day. I'm always open to motivation, and the following infographic provides me with an immense amount of it to keep going. I hope it helps you too!

It wasn't created by people who are promoting a plant-based diet as a preventative measure against heart disease. It was sent to me by a company trying to sell reduced cost prescription drugs! How funny is that? But it's still an awesome reminder.

Click here if you can't see some of the small type.

I have a lot of mixed emotions when I read something like this, but mostly anger. Anger that the cost per year of heart disease is $108 BILLION. Anger that a person can know and understand that their diet is killing them, costing society tons of resources, and bringing great anguish to their loved ones and still chose to make no lifestyle changes. It's hard not to judge, but I know that I should not and cannot judge another human being.

What are your thoughts when you see an infographic like this? Does it work to help you stay the course? To leave a comment/view the comments, click on the title of this post (the orange text above). If you are not reading HGK from a PC, please click the link at the bottom to view web version.
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