Friday, January 18, 2013

Designated Flatulence Area

Is anyone watching the TV series "Portlandia?"

A while back I wrote a blog posting called "Fart or Be Fat" I was somewhat new on a plant based diet and passing a lot of gas on most days. Fast forward two years and I have to think that I'm no gassier than I was pre-plant based eating, in fact, I might even be less gassy.

Regardless of my personal gassy past, I know that for most people starting out on a plant based diet, excessive gas can cause great alarm. Enough to want to make some people throw in the towel.

Some pretty funny people are even making fun of the whole business on Portlandia. Watch and hopefully enjoy. If this is not appeal to your sense of humor, I'm sorry!


The important thing for me to tell you is that the gassiness passes. So please, don't give up!

What's your experience been like since adopting a plant based diet? Are you new and gassy or way past that phase? Any words of advice for the newcomers?
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