Monday, December 17, 2012

Winners of The New Fast Food e-book by Jill Nussinow and More Thoughts on Pressure Cooking

Great news everyone, Jill Nussinow has decided to gift three entrants into our blog giveaway e-book copies of her pressure cooker cookbook, The New Fast Food. Thanks Jill!

The winners, chosen at random by are . . .

#102 Barbara

"I would love to try a pressure cooker-my m-i-l always used one and never had a problem and made some very tasty things. I have thought of getting one--maybe a cookbook would force me to take the next step."

#10 Marlene

"I borrowed a friend's Instant Pot and made Chef AJ's Split Pea Soup. I'm putting the pressure cooker on my Christmas list!"

#2  Fait

"Great! Such a long time I'm looking for a great book for my two (! yeah) pressure cookers to bring them to boil. :) I'll try my luck..."

Congratulations to the winners! Please contact me at to claim your prize.

If you're not a winner, I've still got great news for you. Jill is running a 25% off promotion on this e-book. If you  enter healthy25, you will get 25% off the price of the ebook, which is $12.95. The link to purchase the book is

The final thing that I want to say about pressure cooking, because Chef Aj, Jill and I have inspired so many of you to purchase a new pressure cooker or dig out your old and dusty one, is that confidence and success with a pressure cooker is a process. No instant gratification with this appliance. But the results are so worth it. So give it the time it deserves and get to know pressure cooking. I can tell you now, after going through the process, that I will be using it every week.

For example, I find that my pressure cooker, a large Presto Model, seems to overcook the food if I go by most guidelines for how long it takes to cook something in a pressure cooker. Now I know to let my cooker stay at high pressure for a little less time than a recipe indicates. It's a little bit trial and error right now for me, but like I said, SO WORTH IT!

Have you had success with your pressure cooker in the past week or so, since we started talking about pressure cooking here on HGK? I'd LOVE to know! To leave a comment/see the comments, please click on the title of this post (the orange text above).

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