Monday, August 6, 2012

The Most Important 55 Minutes of Your Life: Dr. Greger's Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death Video

It's no secret, I am a HUGE, RAVING fan of Dr. Michael Gregor from

Plants rock. If you are not convinced of that, or if you are in need of some inspiration or some major motivation to stick with a plant based diet . . .

you are just going to have to watch this.

A plant based diet is so ridiculously beautiful, it makes me want to cry. If feel so lucky to have been blessed by the exposure to this information and the ability to put this information to good use.

Did you watch? What was the most surprising new thing you learned?

I loved this one: "Five thousand hours in the gym no match for a plant based diet."

The blood circulating through the body of Vegans has 8 times the cancer fighting power of non-vegans. Wow.
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