Friday, June 29, 2012

Jaw Dropping Video on Paleo/Low Carb Diets vs. Plant Based Diets

Just a little something I thought you would find extrememly interesting! My jaw literally dropped as I watched this video.

Warning: this video will be disturbing, offensive and insensitive to many people. For that, I am truly sorry. I did not make this video, but I do choose to show it on HGK because I believe there is value in it. The people represented here are public figures selling diet books and because of that I believe it is fair to examine them critically. You may not agree with that decision, but that is not the issue for debate here on HGK. I simply want to spark debate on the merits of the different ways of eating, not the merits of making a video like this.


I had no idea. I have been wondering for a while now about what seems to be the incredible popularity of the Paleo Diet and others like it. In fact, I was pretty convinced that people lost a lot of weight on those diets and kept it off if they stuck with them. But I was also pretty certain that they couldn't possibly be healthy. In a world obsessed with thinness, it is important to remember that thin does not equal healthy.

I see the food choices that Atkins, The Paleo Diet and others like them promote as truly disgusting, disease promoting ways of eating. There is no regard for the health of our plantet or the life of the beings that end up on our plates. But many people adopt these types of diets with the ultimate idea that as long as they can be thin, none of that matters. This video calls into question even that--is there long term weight control success on a high animal protein diet? Probably not.

Thoughts? Do you know anyone on a Paleo-type diet? Have you ever tried South Beach or Atkins? What was your experience?
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