Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Great Article by Jeff Novick Explaining Calorie Density

I just saw this great article by Jeff Novick that explains the concepts of eating a high volume of low calorie food to maintain a healthy weight. It sounds so simple but there are important ideas in this article that everyone should be aware of. Please take the time to read the comments and answers to them at the end of the article. They are just as helpful and fascinating as the article itself.

Click here to view the article and comments.

I started eating this way after reading the book Volumetrics by Barbara Rolls, PhD. It changed my life! And that was shortly before I adopted a plant-based diet. So of course I love it that Jeff explains the concepts specifically as they relate to a plant based diet.

Reading The Starch Solution by Dr. McDougall and having Jeff reinforce the information about calorie density of different foods really has me trying to move away from eating nuts and seeds and more towards starchy vegetables and potatoes (along with boatloads of veggies of course!) to achieve that feeling of satiety. Nuts and seeds are just so uber calorie dense, and I am such an easy keeper, I can see why I easily gain weight with nuts in my diet.

Here's a summary of the calorie densities of the foods we love to eat:

Vegetables                                                             60-195 calories/pound
   ex. broccoli                                                         130 calories/pound
Fruit                                                                       140-420 calories/pound
Potatoes, Pasta, Rice, Barley, Yams,
   Corn, Hot Cereals                                               320-630 calories/pound
Beans, Peas, Lentils (cooked)                                 310-780 calories/pound
Breads, Bagels, Fat-free muffins, Dried Fruit           920-1360 calories/pound
Sugars (sugar, honey, molasses,
   agave, maple syrup)                                            1,200-1,800 calories/pound
Dry Cereals, Baked Chips, Fat-free Crackers,
   Pretzels, Popcorn                                               1,480-1,760 calories/pound
SAD Chocolate Chip Cookies                               2,140 calories/pound
Nuts/Seeds                                                           2,400-3,200 calories/pound
Butter/Margarine                                                   3,200 calories/pound
Oils                                                                       4,000 calories/pound

To see how this information can be misused and twisted, check out this article on livestrong.com. Really? Fruit? That's a perfect example of someone getting this concept wrong.

Do you apply the laws of calorie density to your everyday life?

 If yes, how? In no, why not? 

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