Sunday, June 3, 2012

Catch Dr. Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz Show

Usually these types of things end up pissing me off (short appearances on television shows edited for lord knows what purpose tend to be full of half-truths and misinformation), but I'm certainly going to set my DVR to tape Dr. Fuhrman on the Dr. Oz show. The man is one of my heroes and I'm thrilled for all of the national exposure he gets!

The producers are calling the segment "The Dr. Oz Approved 7 Day Crash Diet: Eat All You Want and Still Lose Weight."

Could it get any more sensational than that?


Tune in!
June 4th 2012
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What do you think about the title of the Dr. Fuhrman segment on the Dr. Oz show?

I'm curious, if you are an HGK reader and you are not a US resident, are any of the good docs (Fuhrman, Esselstyn, McDougall, Barnard, etc.) getting any media coverage in your area of the world? To leave a comment, please click on the title of this post (the orange text above).
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