Thursday, April 19, 2012

Juice Cleanse, Day 6-7: Effects and Experience of Juicing

Good morning everyone!

First off, I want to say that I am certainly no expert on juice fasting/feasting/cleansing. But so many people have asked me to share how it's going on my juice fast, so that is what I will do!

Full disclosure: For the past two nights I have eaten solid food for dinner. My fast so far looks like this: 2 days of partial juice fasting, 3 days of total juice fasting, 2 days of partial juice fasting.

Where it goes from here, I really have no idea.

But here is what I have experienced so far:

  1. I am no longer drinking any coffee, and it's fine. Shocking, right? Not only that, but my only withdrawal symptoms were a very slight headache for the first two days. I attribute that to the juice feast flooding my body with water and vitamins.
  2. I didn't experience any of the detoxification symptoms in the first few days of the fast that you read about or watch in the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. I'm pretty sure that's because my diet leading up to the cleanse was Plant-strong. I was healthy, so I wasn't in need of a detox from a dietary standpoint.
  3. I lost one pound, that's it. Would I have liked to lose more? Sure. This experience is helping me with body acceptance. For people of average weight, juicing is NOT some kind of quickie weight loss fix as it is with folks who have a lot of weight to lose.
  4. My clothes look better, if that's possible, even though there was no weight loss. Less puffiness is probably due to going from a little salt in my diet to almost no salt.
  5. The hardest part has been experiencing a lot of periods of hunger throughout the day. When you are juicing and you get hungry, you really have to get in touch with yourself on a deep level. You can't just grab something to eat the moment your stomach growls. You have to stop and consider whether or not you are going to go through the process of making juice again, or drinking the precious juice that you have stored. So you look for other options to satisfy your hunger, like drinking a hot water with lemon, just water, or coconut water. The simple act of having some liquid seems to hold me over for a while. My resistance muscle is building.
  6. I've learned a lot about myself. I'm really in touch with my problem part of the day again: the entire evening. You know, getting home from work, hungry and tired, with kids to feed. It sets me off! I have to get a grip on this situation and learn better coping skill than using food like a drug to get through the end of the day.
  7. Preparing juice is not as hard or time consuming as you think it is, once you get into a rhythm. I know the feeling, you are interested in doing a juice feast but don't know where to begin. Learning something new  seems really overwhelming. It did for me too. Which made me think about all of the people who are eating the SAD diet who know about going Plant-strong but feel overwhelmed at the thought and don't even know where to begin. That's us, but apply it to juicing. We eat Plant-strong, but the thought of juicing sends shivers up our spine! Will be have to go hungry? We don't know any recipes. We have to buy groceries differently. We need a different appliance. We have to make all of our own food instead of  relying on convenience foods. This experience gave me new insights, and understanding, into the thoughts people have to overcome in order to change.
  8. My mental focus and clarity have improved.
  9. I have a lot of energy.
  10. My taste buds are renewed. I can't believe it happens so fast, but simple things just taste so much better and complex, cooked foods are almost overpowering. I can really see how the SAD ruins people's taste buds and how, when they taste Plant-strong food, it just doesn't taste good. I can also see how a juice fast really does reboot that system.
  11. I want to keep going. I look forward to drinking my morning juice today.
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