Monday, April 16, 2012

Juice Cleanse, Day 1-5, Why the Heck am I Doing This?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my last post asking for advice on juice cleansing. Your input gave me the push to just get started, so I'm thrilled to report that as I write this, I am on day 5 of my cleanse. It started with two days of partial juicing and partial regular Nutritarian eating, then transitioned to juicing with additional drinking of hot water with lemon (how did I not know before now how good this is?), tea, veggie broths, filtered water and coconut water.

Needless to say, I'm peeing a lot.

For my first post about this experience, I really want to get behind the reasons that I am doing this, especially since I had been wanting to embark on a cleanse for about a year, but hadn't done it until now.

It all started, of course, upon viewing the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead exactly one year ago. At the time, I didn't have a health condition that required anything as seemingly drastic as juice cleansing, or "rebooting" as Joe Cross calls it. Regardless, the concept of rebooting my system seemed interesting to me.

So I saved up and purchased a pretty fancy juicer. A Champion, to be exact, professional model. I thought for sure I would do a juice cleanse pretty soon.

But it never happened. I made a few interesting juices, but the beast just sat on my counter for eight months, collecting dust. I just didn't have the motivation. The perceived inconvenience, expense, necessary will power and commitment that were required to do a juice cleanse outweighed any perceived benefit that I believed I would get from a fast. Forget that I would have to go off of my beloved coffee, that was just too much for me to bear!

But lately I hadn't been feeling my best. My energy level was not been as high as I had experienced when first becoming a Nutritarian. I mostly chalked this up to life and it's pressures, trying to be a good mother, wife, business owner, blogger, etc., etc. I started turning to caffeine to get through just about every day. I have been drinking coffee in the morning every day for about 23 years. But never in the afternoon until recently.

I told myself that I was tired because I had young children and my sleep is disrupted during this phase of life. I kept telling myself that it would be okay, that I would get off of the caffeine when they are grown. But the caffeine was a temporary fix. And I started to wake up every morning feeling like poo. I knew something was wrong. I needed to get off coffee NOW.

Add that to the following list of motivations:

  • I'm vain. I've got two MAJOR life events coming up within the next two months, both personal and professional. Call me shallow, but the fear that people will be judging me based on my appearance is often a massive motivator for me to get fit/healthy. This alone might have been enough to get me to finally do a juice fast.
  • The clothes that I purchased after I had lost weight were beginning to get a little tight and I just didn't look as good in them as I once had. This was on my mind every morning when I got dressed and was really bumming me out.
  • I want to feel good. Feeling good to me, on a day to day basis, is really important. As I'm sure it is with you!
  • I want to have loads of energy. It's really important to me, as I am a "doer" type of personality. Being tired and lethargic really bums me out. Blogging gives me great energy. I love doing it.
  • Last week a group called Cleanse America put a call out to try to get 1,000,000 Americans to do a cleanse at the same time. It was a pretty ambitious goal (I think they ultimately got 8,000 people involved directly) and it was a nice reminder for me that I needed to get off my arse and do a cleanse.
I went out and bought a bunch of books on juicing. I loaded our refrigerator and counter tops to overflowing with fresh fruits and vegetables.
And then I started replacing meals with fresh juice. It started with dinner on the first day, then breakfast and lunch on day two. And no more coffee. By day three I was all juice all the time.

Even in the five days that I have been juice fasting, there are so many benefits that I am experiencing that I wasn't even aware of before I started. I'll be back with those in my next post. Plus, I plan on doing a post on the trials and tribulations of juice cleansing. 

If you have done any type of cleanse in the past, or are doing one now, what was your motivation for doing it?
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