Monday, April 2, 2012

Did You Catch Dr. Robert Lustig on 60 Minutes Last Night? If You Have a Sugar "Problem," You Don't Want to Miss This

Driving home from New Jersey I caught wind that Dr. Robert Lustig, one of my personal heroes, was going to be on 60 Minutes last night. He's the guy from San Francisco with the really popular YouTube video "Sugar: The Bitter Truth." I wasn't able to tell you about it in time, but lucky for all of us, this amazing segment is already on YouTube.

This information is probably  not new to the many of us that have been Plant-strong for a while, but for the great number of people that are waking up to this movement, this is a wonderfully educational piece.

I know this stuff.

But it's still really, really, really hard a lot of the time to say no to the sugar. And I know I'm not alone. So I totally agree with Dr. Lustig--sugar should be a controlled substance like cigarettes and alcohol. Why not label foods with sugar with a special warning to let people know of its effects.

I call sugar "Poison."

I needed to take my four year old son to the bathroom yesterday during the long trip home. When carrying him through a convenience store to get to the bathroom, I was pointing to the food and whispering in his ear, "Poison, that is poison."

I want him to know.

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