Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cooking Up a Storm on the Weekend

I am a woman on a mission this weekend: a mission to lessen the stress and tension in my life. I guess you could say that I have come to the realization that unless there are salads already chopped, soups already simmered and food already cooked waiting for me when we get home at the end of the day, I'm basically screwed.

Notice that I didn't say "we" or "we're" already screwed.

It's just me that gets screwed.

Why? Because when I get in the door from work, ravenously hungry, and I start preparing dinner for my kids and my husband, I start eating whatever is closest to my mouth. And lately, that hasn't been a big bowl of fresh salad greens with a nice homemade dressing.

By the time my husband gets home, he gets treated to the nice fresh bowl of salad. Me? I'm already too tired and stuffed to eat it.

So I have set out this weekend to stir this ship in another direction. I have made it my mission and my singular focus to chop, whip, stir and saute enough food for us for the next week, without me having to do much of anything on the weeknights other than dress a salad and warm up a dish.

First on my list? This lentil loaf by Dreena Burton, courtesy of Susan over at Fat Free Vegan.

It's really hearty, but kinda dry. Susan suggested serving it with a gravy or some type of sauce. I have to agree. I doubled the recipe and made two loaves. I figure if I am going through the motions, I want to get more than one or two meals out of a dish.

I'm pretty sure will be wonderful served with a salad for lunch or dinner this week! Especially since it will be stress free.

Edited to add: Holy cow! It's not even lunchtime yet (as I write this it's 10:45 am) and most of the first loaf is gone. My two oldest kids (12 and 7) are loving this. Shocker.

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