Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Breaking News! New Documentary from HBO, The Weight of the Nation

Thanks to Debby over at Happy Healthy Long Life for posting this to Facebook. It looks like a must watch movie. You can go to HBO and sign up to receive a screening kit, while supplies last!
This is great. I'm so loving that there's a movie telling American's what most of us already know: that we're fat and it 's a really big problem. But maybe people don't realize how big of a problem it is and what the collective implications are?

 I can get behind a movie like that. But what do I really crave in a movie these days?

How about a movie about WHY we continue to eat even though we know it's not good for us? You know, the emotional, psychological and chemical reasons behind it? I'm ready for that movie.

What topic would you next like to see in a movie/documentary about food?

On an entirely other note, here's a fascinating article about the business of chia. (Thanks Jill!)
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